What AI means for you: Linkedin is supercharging with AI​


You might think it’s just another day and yet another article from “random” people on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence and marketing. This is not a generic article about artificial intelligence or marketing.

You can easily Google online.

Hello, my name is Joshua B. Lee. You may know me as a “Dopamine dealer on LinkedIn.” I have built 16 businesses in the last 20 years, written a book called Balancing is Bullsh*t, and managed advertising budgets for clients such as MySpace and Google.

As I worked with large companies, one thing became clear: the digital landscape has changed.

Quite “noisy.” Too many automated items, robotic language, and SELL, SELL, SELL energies on the Internet, and the human element was lost.

The human connection was lost, and people needed to focus more on profit-making. As a consumer, I recognized a problem that could be solved and asked, “How can we bring the heart back to this digital world?” How can I encourage people to look beyond the screen in order to build genuine relationships?


Since 2014, I’ve been working on Standout Authority. We love to help people (like you who are reading this).

Bring the human back into your brand.

We’ve decided to focus on LinkedIn, the Avengers’ HQ for business platforms, to build authentic.

Relationships and clients

Why LinkedIn?

This number may help you to understand the importance of LinkedIn: As of April 2023, there are 922,3 million active members

On the platform

If you are looking for a place to market, network, and reach your audience in your field as a thought leader, then this is THE platform for YOU.

As LinkedIn celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the company is making a big push in AI, a topic that’s hot everywhere.

No matter what the industry or niche.

What’s next for a LinkedIn profile that you’re interested in

LinkedIn’s drive to embrace AI and transform content creation

LinkedIn is transforming content creation with AI.

More engaging, entertaining, and simply unique.

LinkedIn’s AI initiatives are bold.

The platform has taken off since LinkedIn teamed up with ChatGPT’s latest AI technology (if you didn’t already know, Microsoft invested $10 Billion into OpenAI).

Since then, LinkedIn has released several valuable tools like “Smart Replies” or “Resume Assistant.” These are two examples of how LinkedIn uses AI to streamline messaging and your job-hunting process.

LinkedIn created Collaborative Articles. This feature allows multiple authors to collaborate on an AI-generated article that offers diverse perspectives on a topic.

AI is also great for writing. It’s also a fantastic tool when it comes to insights and analytics. LinkedIn has launched Content Insights – an AI-driven tool that provides data about article performance. Knowing your numbers makes it possible to tell if marketing efforts are going in the right direction.

LinkedIn’s AI Revolution aims to promote collaboration, amplify leading voices, and assist creators in getting their highs.

Quality content to the right audience.

LinkedIn’s supercharged move to AI

LinkedIn’s AI team was able to launch new ChatGPT tools within three months. These AI-orgasmic tools

LinkedIn has several features that make it easier and more efficient to use.

Let’s dive deeper:

LinkedIn + ChatGPT – A Dynamic Pair

LinkedIn wants us to use ChatGPT for our posts. Click Draft and enter up to 30 words.

“Post” will instantly create a draft you can edit or publish. This will be the premium version in the beta testing


Being the Dopamine Dealer, Top Voice on LinkedIn is a great feeling. I have access to the Beta.

It’s a Generative AI Tool (based on ChatGPT-4), and I was one of the early testers. It’s not initially available.

The benefits are worth the premium price. Consider Draft

Use AI to create your virtual assistant, the Alfred or Jarvis of your Batman.

You can benefit from the following:

Save time.

Enhance your productivity.

Make sure your posts are perfect.

The AI Shield: Turbocharged content moderation

We’re all constantly scrolling down a sea of user-generated material, so it makes sense.

It’s no surprise that managing and curating online content for your brand can be a challenge.

It is a daunting task.

AI-powered content moderating is set to revolutionize the process. By

Content moderation can be automated by leveraging artificial intelligence. This allows for efficient classification and flagging of harmful content and removal.

Three Ways to harness AI’s Power for content moderation

AI content moderation for texts: Use AI to analyze tone, categorize content, and

Monitor brand and competitor mentions using natural language processing and Entity

recognition techniques.

AI Content Moderating for Images & Videos – Harness the Potential of Computer Vision

Visual AI to detect harmful or undesirable content. Natural language integration is possible.

AI processing can see even suggestive content in images.

AI content moderation for voice recordings: Discover the world of voice analysis

technology. AI-powered tools can transcribe audio recordings into text, analyze tone, and transcribe them.

Natural language processing algorithms are used to understand intent.

LinkedIn’s AI content moderation is now more effective than ever, thanks to ChatGPT.

Turbocharged to make it more potent than ever.

You can get career and job support at your fingertips.

We’ve been all there: the squeamish ordeal that is job hunting.

You can tailor your CV by searching hundreds of companies and writing different cover letters.

Make yourself stand out. You can now find the right job faster with LinkedIn and ChatGPT.

Hunting is no longer something to be hated.

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