Live Chat: What is it and how to do it in 2023


Timing has always been a key factor in internet success. Your brand’s first impression, your ability to be found quickly, and how you respond to engagement are all factors that affect how successful you will be on the Internet.

Real-time content, such as Live Blogging, is an important part of marketing strategies today. What about the connection between live blogging and sales? What if you used live chat to help your customers through the conversion process?

This guide will cover a fantastic solution that can be used to get started in 2023 – live chat.

See how it works and how it can benefit your business. Also, learn how to use it for marketing and sales. The topics you’ll see are:

What is a live chat?

There were ways that a customer could reach a company before the Internet existed, such as asking a question or making a complaint about a particular product.

You could either send a note, call, or visit the person in question. It could take some time to do the first. It would take a long time to talk to many different people to get to the right ears.

Initially, internet users had to deal with the same issues. Customer service was provided via email, contact form, and occasionally even a phone call.

These strategies are not very effective because they require too much time, effort, and money.

A poorly designed CRM may leave you with unanswered questions for many hours or even days.

This is a fatal mistake for businesses today. Customers have more options today.

They want quick answers and can ask the same question to two or three different companies. They will favor the company that gets back to them first.

While still investing in traditional channels of contact, your company must be more available, quicker to respond, and more responsive to each client.

Live chat is a great way to communicate with others.

Live chat is an embedded tool on your website or social media. It allows users to ask questions in real time and receive answers from a live person.

You can use a page, a plug-in, or a widget. Front-ends are flexible. However, in the backend, it is important to have a structure that allows you to receive, analyze, and respond to any interaction quickly.

Live chat, as you’ll see in this guide, is a great tool to get closer to your audience. It can also create new opportunities.

This is a total rupture from traditional customer service methods, bringing about a new age of brand-customer relationships.

Live chat: Benefits and Uses

We can examine the benefits of live chat to businesses in order to understand better why it is so popular on the Internet.

From a marketing and sales perspective, we made a list. Check it out!

Communication made easier

It is the tolerance of barriers that is the key difference between Internet and offline customer behavior.

They are skipping straight to the search results when something doesn’t work out as expected.

Companies invest a lot in optimization and performance, as well as automation. They must reach every lead quickly and correctly.

Live chat is the only contact channel that can provide this level of service. It’s an instant, hassle-free form of communication.

You can then instantly grab their attention and engage them on your site or social media.

Customer service with more personality

Live chats are more personal than text-based conversations. Emails, by their nature, are too formal, and contact forms are too standardized.

The marketing team can use a well-structured live chat tool to implement the persona when answering questions or giving information.

This combines marketing and sales strategies into one effort — something that all businesses should do to stand out online.

Turning complaints into sales

Live chat is a great way to increase conversion rates and loyalty.

Live chat can be used to resolve doubts or complaints. They expect a resolution. You can win them over by exceeding their expectations.

The person behind the desk needs to be a bridge between both departments.

The sales department must convince them of the buyer persona.

Live chat is the best way to show your audience that you are always available. This kind of relationship will last a long time.

Live chat can be used as a source of marketing data

Specialized tools are designed to maximize a particular strategy.

Live chat means that you can interpret and analyze data.

Live chat is a great way to conduct surveys, such as the Net Promoter Score, or ask for some subjective opinions and helpful information about products and services.

How can live chats help your business grow?

The next topic of this guide is KPIs. These benefits will have a positive effect on your business, but there is one remaining question: How?

Live chat can be used in many ways to help your business grow.

Here are some examples of how to improve your marketing and sales strategy!

Use it to attract and engage.

The vast majority of website visitors will not take any action after visiting your site.

No engagement, no research, no consideration.

Live chat can help you change that. Automated platforms can grab the attention of some users by appearing and inviting them to a conversation.

This is where marketing comes into play. This contact gives you the opportunity to engage with a potential lead and collect information about them – an email address or phone number. Live chat can enrich your database with any additional information.

Use it to convince others.

A salesperson who is also available to talk to you can be a great asset. Someone who is familiar with the product and knows how to convince someone.

There are a lot of last-minute buyers who have doubts. The live chat is right there for them, a quick way to answer questions and explain additional arguments.

What is the benefit to your business? By increasing conversion rates at the finish line.

This KPI optimization is a great ROI strategy for marketing and sales.

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