How to drive customer success with interactive content


What if I said that your company’s success depends on someone else?

You read that right…

You can grow your business if your products and services are of high quality and help your customers achieve their goals.

Today’s market is customer-centric, and top performers focus more on customer satisfaction than their competitors.

Customer success is the best way to increase customer satisfaction. As we all know, happy customers lead to growth in business.

We’ll talk about how interactive content can help you achieve customer success. Let’s start with the basics to understand it better.

What is customer success?

Customer satisfaction is meeting customers’ needs when they use your products or services.

To meet these demands, you may need to deploy your team internally as thought partners, strategists, and customer advocates.

Customer success, however, is about more than simply meeting customer needs. Focusing on customer relations is also essential.

Customer success management involves proactively anticipating customer questions and challenges and actively providing solutions.

Customer Support vs. Customer Service

Customer support and success are two essential functions in a business. They both aim to deliver excellent customer experiences. However, they have different goals and methods for achieving these.

We’ll break them down in a definitive listing:

Approach: Customer Success proactively analyses and strategizes while customer support acquires information and responds.

Customer Success: The goal of customer success is to achieve preferred business results through the customer journey. On the other hand, customer support focuses on problem prevention and resolution.

Talents and Disciplines: Customer success can be consultative and extend to different disciplines and industry expertise. Customer support experts can work with marketing, engineering, and operations teams.

Both roles require practitioners to be resourceful problem solvers who are empathetic and well-versed in their customers.

Metrics: Customer Success focuses on metrics associated with business impacts, such as customer retention, growth, and lifetime value.

Customer support metrics are used to measure the satisfaction of customers, the time it takes for a solution, and the overall quality of service.

Business impact: Customer satisfaction is a process that drives revenue and development.

Customer support is essential to running a business, as customer questions must be answered.

How does Customer Success Work?

Three core elements are required to make customer success compelling. This includes a strategy for customer success, a solution, and a team of customer success workers and a supervisor.

Choose a Customer Success Solution

You’ll want to implement a customer-success solution on your team, which includes customer success tools. Customer success solutions can help you with the following:

Understanding the customer’s needs and pain points

Monitor their satisfaction levels

Engagement with them that is relevant and personalized

Customer success solutions typically include CRM software, communication tools, analytics, reporting, etc.

Hire and train a Customer Success team.

To excel at customer success, you’ll need an individual or team. Your business’s size and resources will determine the managers and representatives on your customer success team. To help your customers, expanding your team as you grow your business is essential.

Create a Customer-Success Strategy

Your customer success strategy will depend on what you sell and what you want to offer your customers. Here are some proven steps for building it in your business.

Deployment of the right customer success tools.

Recognize the end goals of your customers (and why customer success is essential).

Create a long-term and short-term plan for success to show your company’s expectations and goals.

Share the method with your team and have them implement it. Also, ensure everyone knows what is expected of them individually and as a group.

Check your results and see if your customers have the support and software they need to succeed.

Change your team and strategy to accommodate your expanding business and user base.

Why is interactive content a gem for customer success?

It’s like comparing a pizza with no cheese when discussing customer success. It’s an excellent tool for customer satisfaction because it offers many benefits to improve customer experience.

Here are some of the benefits that interactive content can bring to your business:

Increases Engagement: Interactive Content facilitates customers to engage with the material actively. This makes the experience more pleasant.

Improves Retention: Interactive content that breaks down complex concepts into more minor, more digestible pieces can improve the customer’s ability to remember and apply what they have learned.

Personalized Experience: Customers are looking for a personalized online shopping experience. Businesses that use advanced personalization see a return on investment of 20 per $1 spent.

Interactive content allows you to do this. You can tailor it to the needs and interests of each user.

Instant Solutions Last but not least, interactive content such as quizzes and calculators can help you provide your customers with real-time solutions and value.

How to help customers succeed with interactive content

Quizzes can be used to offer personalized solutions.

70% of customers are more likely to spend money with companies offering a fluid, personalized, smooth experience.

Quizzes and other interactive content, such as quizzes, can help you achieve multiple goals, including engagement, lead generation, and personalization. These ultimately lead to customer satisfaction.

Create quizzes that are tailored to your audience and business goals.

Outcome Quizzes: Customers receive personalized results based on the answers they provide. This could be a quiz on personality, a quiz with points, or a quiz about trivia.

For example, if you are a clothing company, you could create a quiz such as “Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character are you?” It will encourage users to complete the personality test. Once you have them engaged, you can then show them products that relate to the character. It would boost conversion rates for your brand.

Social Media quizzes: Recently, these quizzes are becoming popular with businesses. Social media quizzes are fun and popular. They are a great way to increase social media engagement and generate leads.

A travel company could create a quiz that asks users about their choices in travel and then share the results on social media. This can increase brand awareness and generate relevant leads.

eCommerce Quizzes: These eCommerce quizzes were created specifically for eCommerce sites. These quizzes can help customers find products that suit their taste and increase the likelihood of a purchase. You can list your products to show users the options that best fit them.

Quizzes are interactive materials that engage customers and deliver personalized recommendations.

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