Use these 66 WordPress plugins on your blog to make it better in 2022

WordPress plugins are tools that enhance websites by adding important features.

These add-ons help you generate CTAs and optimize your page ranking, as well as integrate your website to email and other platforms.

Many plugins can make the lives of people who manage blogs, websites, or e-commerce easier.

These tools are designed to help you maintain your pages but also automate marketing campaigns and other related tasks.

We decided to create an ultimate list of the best WordPress plugins. Check out the 66 most popular ones organized by categories!

Leads, CTAs, and conversion optimization

Blogs and websites need CTAs to encourage users to convert. They become leads in this case since they will share their contact details with you and enter your company’s database.

WordPress plugins are available for CTA creation automation and button management. They also offer other support options. See the beginning of our list in this category!

1. Rock Convert

The Rock Content team developed Rock Convert, a feature in Stageto that makes banner management easier. It allows you to create customized CTAs for your blog’s categories and choose where to place them – at the top of the Content, in the middle, or at the end.

You can create a bar at the top of your site or the bottom, integrate it with an automation tool, figure out UTM events and parameters, and track conversion metrics using Google Analytics. It can offer PDF downloads of posts that deliver the Content via email and capture a lead.

Features and UX settings for blogs and website

A good website must provide its users with a seamless browsing and navigation experience. If they don’t, visitors will be less likely to stay on their site, which can undermine the strategy of the company and lower the ranking in Google’s search results.

It is not the only way to customize WordPress. You can also use its features and panel to make your page-operation routine easier. Many WordPress plugins can be used to improve UX and make some basic adjustments. Below is our selection of this category!

WP Super Cache

Similar to W3 Total Cache, the WP Super Cache plugin helps you accelerate blog navigation by using a ba rowser cache. This is done in several different ways. Mod_rewrite is one way to provide HTML copies of your blog.

This plugin also allows you to delete old cached files, which will make your blog easier to navigate.

Restrict Content

Want to create a special area for your subscribers? Restrict Content is one of the best WordPress plugins.

You can restrict access to entire pages or articles to users who are logged in to your blog. You can limit access by type of user, such as administrators or editors.

CoSchedule By Todaymade

There may be conflicting publication dates when you have multiple authors on your blog.

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that allows different authors to communicate.

It is easier to plan your articles and increase traffic by posting them when people visit your blog.

You have 14 days, despite being paid, to test the software and determine if it is useful for your blog.

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons allows you to customize your plugin easily

It will enable you to display profiles from your social networks and encourage readers to click on them, possibly leading to a follow-up. This plugin is required if your blog doesn’t have social media. button

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