Target Your Customers With These Top 10 High-Performing Types of Content Marketing


Content marketing has emerged as among the top and most effective strategies of digital marketing for companies across all sizes and industries.

When you are deciding on your strategy, it may not be easy to determine…

…which kind of content marketing are you looking to implement to increase the growth of your business?

Below, we’ll look at the top 10 most effective kinds of content marketing and the best way to use them so your company can benefit from them; both startups and large companies can help.

Use each format to connect with your prospects, increase the number of subscribers, and increase sales.

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Blogging is among the most popular forms of content marketing that is suitable for small-sized businesses.

It’s a good thing! Blogs are among the most effective methods to enhance SEO and bring more visitors to your website through search engines.

This will allow you as a marketer to maximize your budget for marketing by supplementing your advertising by utilizing inbound marketing strategies.

In reality, according to Forbes, websites with blogs usually possess 434% more pages that are indexed than sites that don’t.

That means that websites with blogs stand a higher chance of being at the top of searches, such as Google…

…when potential buyers search for keywords relevant to their needs.

Furthermore, businesses that have blogs are able to provide more links inbound, which aids with SEO for search engines.

Blogs can also aid in improving the search engine optimization of your site.

However, it’s also an excellent method to establish relationships with your leads as well as existing customers.

As a blogger, you will have the most valuable types of content you offer.

The more likely that your intended customers will be inclined to think about your brand’s image at the time they’re ready to buy.

Blogs can be a great method to deliver value through shorter-form content.

If you are looking to utilize blogging to enhance your content marketing and increase your business.

It’s important to begin with a plan that outlines what topics you’ll write about on your blog.

Conduct some keyword research to find out what people are typing into search engines to locate companies similar to yours.

Consider which other questions or topics could be relevant, and then create blog posts on these topics.


If you’re looking to stay on top of the online marketplace, you must be prepared.

It is essential to find the best way to capture the attention of your audience and get them to engage quickly.

The average consumer is now watching more video content than they have ever. In fact, one-third of all online activities are dedicated to watching videos.

This makes video one of the most effective forms of content marketing that can be used to reach and engage your target market regardless of what field you’re in.

Video is an excellent marketing technique for small-sized businesses since it offers such a compelling Return on Investment.

It is definitely helpful in increasing the brand’s visibility.

According to Brightcove, companies who employ a well-planned approach to video advertising will get an average increase…

…of 157% of organic traffic derived from search engines.

The video also increases time spent on the site by 105 percent.

The more time that your visitors spend on your site, the higher your business’s likelihood of converting them into customers.

Additionally, Check out these numbers:

According to Effy, the creation of videos can result in the potential to gain 1200 percent more social shares in comparison to other kinds of content.

Based on research conducted by Think Cons, users are now more likely to watch videos about a product prior to purchasing it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a video review of a product or an unboxing video; they’ll surely find it on the internet.

It’s a good example of how video can significantly influence their choice to purchase a product or not.

In a study conducted by Insivia Research, it was revealed that landing pages that have video content have a greater conversion rate, with as much as an 88% increase.

According to a HubSpot report, 88 percent of marketers who use video said that they get an increase in ROI.

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