Every marketer would like to reap many of the advantages of using Instagram for their company.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 500 million active users on a daily basis.

Instagram has grown tremendously since its inception at the end of 2010, and companies are starting to pay attention.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, believed in the huge potential of the platform and the advantages…

…of Instagram that he purchased within 18 months of it having launched at $1 billion, and the site has continued to grow ever since.

Businesses are starting to react more and more quickly to this expanding platform.

If you look at the 100 most popular brands around the world, 95 percent of them already have an Instagram account.

With all the companies and brands using Instagram, You may think, “There must be some incentive for them to continue to make use of Instagram.

Is it really to share cool images of their company?”

Not quite.

It’s been proven by some of the biggest brands around the world (as well as some of the smaller and mid-sized companies that LYFE Marketing works with! ).

There are a variety of clear ways to increase leads, sales, and more through Instagram.

But Instagram is still a relatively new platform (compared to other social media websites), and brand new app updates are being released every day.

How can you keep up-to-date and take advantage of all the latest features? What are the advantages of Instagram, and how can you make use of these benefits?

No matter if you’re unfamiliar with the website or you’re trying to improve your current account, you could be pondering how to begin.

Purchasing Power

Have you heard that nearly a third of Instagram users have made use of the app to buy products on the internet?

With the potential for sales that Instagram is able to generate, you’ll want to miss the opportunity to use this platform.

In the end, it’s the goal many business owners are striving to achieve, and that’s no more so when it comes to the advantages of Instagram.

Sales are the basis of your top line, and learning how to improve sales is likely the main reason for you to read this blog! We don’t blame you.

It’s essential to ensure that what you’re investing your money into is worth the money (aka will give you an investment return)!

What’s the value of Instagram? Let’s take a look at a few facts.

More than 1/3 of Instagram users have utilized Instagram to purchase products on the internet, which makes them 75% more likely to buy than those who are not Instagram users.

Let’s break this into pieces.

As we mentioned previously, there are more than one billion active monthly people on Instagram…

…so 1/3 would be, at most, 333,333,333 Instagram users who have utilized Instagram to buy products on the internet!

Before diving into the additional advantages that Instagram offers, let’s look at the other benefits of Instagram and its users.

We wanted to highlight the massive amount of potential customers eager to connect with your company.

They are not just followers. They are people with a history of buying from Instagram. Instagram platform.

Your firm could make the next purchase they make on Instagram!

In addition, 75 percent of Instagram users perform actions like visiting a site following a glance at an advertisement.

Today, it’s important to understand that an Instagram advertisement article (or an Instagram advertisement) differs from an organic post you’d make through the Instagram account.

An Instagram advert is a type of post that you can sponsor using advertising funds to ensure more users see it.

This figure is based on the fact that 75 percent of Instagram users click through these ads by pressing the Shop Now or Contact Us buttons.

Even if they don’t buy on the first click, this action is important since…

…you could retarget them using Instagram ads from then when they make a purchase!

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