The Content Marketing Strategy: A New Perspective


For TOO long, content marketing has been complicated, misunderstood, and explained in a hard way. You want to use it for your brand but fear wasting time and money with a technique you need help understanding.

How do sales lead to content? What money and time do you need to spend on content? Does the content have revenue-generating value?

Let’s first define “content marketing” and what it is not in our new approach to strategy.

What is and what isn’t content marketing

Content marketing is the process of content creation and organization. Some people need clarification on content dissemination which is the promotion and distribution of content through channels such as social media marketing. Email marketing.

Content marketing is the creation of assets that educate and inform current and past customers about your brand and products.

The organization of this information is also essential to make it a valuable resource for your audience and your marketing department.

Content assets are the pieces of content themselves. They include written material like articles, documents that can be downloaded, and other webpages, visual materials (such as graphics, videos, and animations), and audio, primarily found in Podcasts.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is not the same as content distribution or building a community. These two separate methodologies will be briefly touched upon to show their interrelationship in this certification. However, they will not be discussed in detail.

Here’s what our new content strategy needs to be revised.

Social Media Posts

Brand or marketing copywriting

Advertisement Copy

Content is not about distribution but rather the production and organization of content.

The Content Marketing Perspective

Instead of thinking about the word itself, let’s focus on something we all at least know a little about…your dream home.

Real estate is a historically good investment. It offers dependable appreciation, tax benefits, cash flow, security, and transferability.

Let’s pretend, for this example, that you only have a small amount of money to build your dream house. You can have all the features you want in a dream home, but you will have to build them piece by piece.

After you have chosen the perfect land, you will need to build the foundation and each room. Then you can add all the features you desire to make the home comfortable. Your home will gain value with each component that you add.

You can even add a guest house, tennis court, pool, and jacuzzi after your home has been built. Add solar panels to generate energy, water reclamation systems, or even barns for animals.

Your home will appreciate in value as you add to it. Like your dream house, content is an asset you create.

It’s your brand. The land starts off empty but is in a great location, and you believe it will become more valuable after you develop it.

Your website is the home. Your content will be stored here, and it’s the place where you can add most value. Here you should store all of your assets and work.

This is a very important point. What happens if you only post on Facebook, TikTok, or Linkedin and no other social media?

You are upgrading Mark Zuckerberg’s home. You’ll get the “made by John’ tag on your picture, but you are not increasing his property value.

It is important to build your own home, as it is the only real asset you have.

You can make your dream home as large and as upgraded as you like. It could be a substantial ornate mansion or a minimalistic modern structure with the latest technology upgrades.

Most businesses are based on a simple garage structure with little to no features and almost nothing.

It’s easy to misunderstand content marketing because it is like real estate. It’s valuable but takes time, money, and effort to develop. The big payday will come in the future.

You can enjoy the benefits of your dream home every day.

You keep and organize your possessions there. It’s where you keep your belongings. It’s a way to show off your success to the community. It represents your knowledge, style, and way of living.

The CDA is the name of the entire system.

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