Why you should outsource content creation


Why would you ever want to have content created by experts from outside?

Outsourcing content can bring you many benefits.

Your internal team can focus more on optimizing content rather than creating it.

You will gain new ideas and concepts, adding more variety to your content.

The contributor’s audience will help you quickly expand your influence and authority. The larger their audience, the better!

DigitalMarketer has created a monthly flow of content ranging from 20 to 30 pieces. Before I started using external sourcing, I generated 30-50 articles per month for magazines and platforms I created in the past.

Let’s discuss who should create the content.

External contributors with similar qualifications are good. Based on our work with hundreds of experts, we have identified the traits they should possess:

The minimum number of followers they have on your preferred platforms is 1,000. In this case, the dog-food test is usually 1,000 followers assuming they post primarily about the topic you want them to contribute for.

Newsletters are active. Email marketing is usually a strong suit for content creators. It’s great for your brand because you can expect instant engagement from the content they send. It depends on the industry, your offer, and your customer avatar. But at least 500 subscribers is a good starting point.

They redirect traffic to platforms other than their own. By looking at their social media accounts, you can see how frequently they share links to their content on other platforms. You don’t want them to send information they have published elsewhere, as they will less likely to promote your piece.

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