E-mail marketing is dead!

The A.I. is taking over your inbox!

Why hire a copywriter if I can use e-mail templates instead? !”

“Who needs a mailing list when I already have a large following on social media ?”

Um ….., stop right there. Listen up. I’m about to reveal a little secret.

Three little secrets, to be precise.

Recently, I have heard a lot about e-mail marketing misconceptions. This blog will discuss the three biggest E-mail marketing myths and illusions…

And I’m about to reveal the SECRET WEAPON, which will give you a massive advantage over your competition.

Let’s start with the myths.

Myth-E-mail Marketing is Dead

Since I started in online marketing over a decade back, I have heard this myth. Guess what?

They were wrong then, and they are still wrong today.

E-mail Marketing is still alive and won’t go away anytime soon.

E-mail Marketing is one of the best ways for your business or brand to increase revenue and convert more customers.

That’s right. It’s more effective than advertising, social media, and organic traffic.

I said it.

I sent just eight e-mails to 2300 subscribers and earned almost six figures. Yup.

Here are some statistics to back up my claim. There are four billion active e-mail users right now. (And that number is expected to increase, by the way).

E-mail marketing consistently provides the highest ROI of all marketing channels, earning an average of 42 dollars for every dollar spent…

This is an ROI of 4200%. This is a number that any brand or company would love to see.

If you still need more convincing, this should do the trick:

According to MarketingSherpa, e-mail is still the preferred channel for businesses to reach consumers. YES! Even Millennials and Gen-Z prefer e-mails to social media.

E-mail is not only the preferred way to communicate with your customers, but it should also be yours! Your list belongs to YOU. Neither Facebook nor Instagram. YOU.

When you choose E-mail as your preferred communication method, you must ensure that your e-mails don’t end up in the spam folder. Your content is not confined to the “platform rules” or algorithm gods.

It’s obvious when you step back to look at the facts.

Although I love using other marketing channels…

My girl, E-mail Marketing reigns supreme.

Myth-Templates work better

Another myth that I have heard a lot lately.

Why should I hire a copywriter if I can use e-mail templates?

In this context, and for clarity’s sake, I am referring to impersonal and fancy e-mails with no substance. You’ve probably seen those fancy-looking HTML e-mail messages from big corporations or e-commerce websites.

They work for brands such as Sephora and Apple. Because they are Seophora…

You don’t need to be too fancy with your e-mails if you are a brand based on personality (or the REAL PERSON behind that brand).

Why? Why?

Templates are not only unattractive to consumers, but they also have several cons.

E-mail Templates: Their Downside

  • Depending on your customer’s internet connection, they can take a while to load.
  • Customization is complicated and unreliable. Spending hours on a template is a waste of time. You would rather spend your time writing empathetic, personal e-mails.
  • HTML templates can look shaky on mobile devices if not coded correctly.
  • Heavy images and design elements will likely land in the Spam or Promotions file.
  • These e-mails are primarily on images rather than the brand voice or how they connect with their audience.

On the other hand, copywriters may be unable to design a “pretty-looking e-mail “…

They have been trained to write words that work. They know how to create powerful subject lines that hook your reader to open your e-mail. They know how to open a loop of engaging content to keep your consumers reading…

They know what psychological triggers will get people to click and buy your offer.

When you are a business that RELYS on having a strong, powerful, and intimate relationship with your customers…

These factors are essential for your E-mail Marketing success.

The last and most controversial myth on the list is now revealed.

Myth-A.I. is taking over

We’ve heard it all… A.I. is replacing the copywriters in E-mail Marketing at the speed and light of mainly.

Why would anyone pay a lot of money to hire a copywriter when they can spend just a quarter on some fancy automation software which “does the same thing”?

Right? NO!! !

There’s no doubt that A.I. software and templates, which are done for you, are becoming more prevalent in e-mail marketing.

There’s more to this story than the internet might have you believe.

I have said it before and will say it until I die…

A.I. A.I.

A.I. can be used as a TOOL. We can optimize, streamline, and improve…

You can use things like research, creativity, and automation of e-mails, as well as personalization and segmentation—the back-end stuff, the logistical stuff, and so on. A.I. E-mail marketers can make their job a lot easier by using A.I.


This is not likely to happen any time soon.

While it is true that some businesses and brands will opt to use A.I. to send e-mails, their e-mails will, at best, be mediocre.

It’s like any other thing being “replaced by technology”…

This is the way to go if you are looking for exceptional outcomes.

Do-it-yourself accounting software such as Freshbooks Honeybook and QuickBooks is replacing mediocre accountants. But that does not mean we do NOT pay a LEGIT TRAINED PROFESSIONAL to prepare our taxes.

Canva is replacing mediocre graphic designers, but we will still pay for a GREAT WEBSITE DESIGNER.

If you want to increase conversions, optimize your e-mail list and increase revenue, then HIRE A COPIERT.

Simple as that. It’s not going to change.

Here’s what I would say to copywriters concerned about A.I. Takeover and other Myths in this list…

Do not be mediocre. It would be best if you positioned yourself as an expert.

You’ll be a valuable asset to any business or brand that wants to optimize its E-mail Marketing strategy.

This is your secret weapon

A.I. Proof yourself by following THIS method. Proof.

This is how you can position yourself as a specialist in your industry and have clients clamoring for your services.

How? How do you become a damn good copywriter and an e-mail marketer? Who is the one who knows their audience, understands the power of connection, and has mastered conversion?

You can become an expert by developing the necessary skills, techniques, and knowledge.

After months of listening to the community ask me questions about e-mail marketing… it was time for me to take action.

I just thought this was necessary very recently. Mainly because I already teach an entire module about E-mail Marketing within my 8-week Copywriting Coaching Program.

Only some people can invest the time, energy, or money to attend a 2-month coaching program.

To help you cut the B.S., I’ve created a FREE E-mail Guide.

My Ultimate E-mail Marketing Cheatsheet helps you to future-proof your business from unpredictable algorithms and A.I. Takeover by teaching the art of effective inbox messaging.

Discover the seven essential e-mails for building and monetizing your list. (With real-world examples from the Posse private vault )…

Learn how to create, monetize and manage your e-mail list without templates or standard messaging.

Learn the secrets to creating engaging e-mails that won’t repel subscribers or cause you to lose brand loyalty.

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