A Guide to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers


Digital marketing plays a crucial role in all marketing strategies for manufacturers. Marketing can be confusing for those who are just beginning their digital marketing plan. This guide will give you a quick overview of what you must consider when planning.

Statistics of Digital Marketing & Manufacturers

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing Types

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Digital Marketing & Manufacturers

In August 2020, Capterra conducted a survey online with 149 manufacturers. The survey results revealed the following

68% of respondents have moved their business online

Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, 62% of respondents have adopted digital marketing.

72% of respondents use digital channels to promote products online

54% of respondents use a CRM tool in their digital marketing

51% reported increased website traffic since the pandemic started, with 32% saying the increase came from new countries or regions.

What is the takeaway? Since the pandemic outbreak, digital marketing has become more competitive for manufacturers.

Digital Marketing: Its Importance

First impressions can be lasting and are extremely important. The homepage of your site is what customers see first when they visit your website in today’s technologically-driven world.

According to research, 78% of customers began their online search before buying.

Getting visitors engaged with a web design that conveys a clear message and accurately represents your product and company is essential.

SEO Services for Manufacturers are available if you’ve invested in a well-designed website, but it needs to generate leads for your sales staff.

Marketing Types

Inbound and Outbound marketing are the two major types of marketing. This post covers inbound marketing topics and strategies.


Inbound Marketing has proven to be one of the most successful digital marketing strategies across all industries. According to HubSpot, “Inbound Marketing is set marketing strategies, and tactics focused on attracting relevant prospects and customers toward a business and their products.” marketing costs are also 62% lower with inbound marketing than outbound marketing.


Outbound marketing is the other approach. It involves reaching customers via various channels such as TV advertisements, telemarketing, and direct mail.

Outbound marketing aims to grab people’s attention and get them to act. This type of marketing has become less successful and popular because the audience today resists interruptive or intrusive content.

Mobile Optimization is the Key

78% of professionals use their phones to check their email. This statistic shows how important it is to optimize your emails for mobile viewing and the websites associated with links in your email.

A mobile-friendly site is not only a great way to create a better user experience for your potential customers, but it’s also a critical ranking factor.

Content – Your prospects and customers expect value

Content is king. Many companies need help delivering valuable content in their emails or websites. According to studies, 91% of email users unsubscribed from an email list they had previously subscribed to.

Most people only want to be sold. Sometimes they visit your site or open an email. People expect valuable content when they interact with your brand. They want to know that it will make their lives easier or solve problems.

Start with establishing your Brand Voice. After your brand voice has been finalized and your content marketing team uses it to create website copy and emails, it’s time to start blogging.

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