A Guide for Modern Marketing Strategy B2B Manufacturers


Marketing is a concept that has been introduced previously for manufacturing companies. The manufacturing industry is well-versed in traditional marketing techniques.

Like other industries, manufacturing companies need to adopt and refine modern Digital Marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve as consumers and businesses change their purchasing habits and the way they purchase their products.

Explore the factors driving this change, and learn how manufacturers can exploit these opportunities.

Why manufacturing companies need to improve their marketing strategy

Some manufacturing companies are known for their conservative marketing methods.

Even though they are no longer as valuable, regular events like the company golf day or the trade show can still be very beneficial. Buyers are shifting their focus to digital channels. Companies use digital marketing techniques such as content marketing, social media, Google ads, video marketing, and digital marketing.

If marketers do not embrace these channels and capabilities in their marketing strategies, they will struggle to engage their prospects, which is necessary to grow their business.

It doesn’t necessarily mean traditional marketing tactics and methods are thrown out. They should be updated instead to take full advantage of all the opportunities digital marketing offers. Modern digital marketing platforms offer significant benefits for marketers. Benefits include:

Campaigns that are highly targeted and support account-based tactics, allowing them to target individuals and personas using specific content and messages.

Data analytics allows you to invest in successful campaigns and tactics and eliminate those that are not.

If you handle it correctly, a genuine two-way interaction with your target market can help build your profile and brand.

Marketing Strategies for Manufacturing Companies

Digital marketing offers a wealth of opportunities. Explore strategies to maximize inbound marketing.

Understanding Your Buyer Persona

Marketers in b2b manufacturing must understand their buyer’s persona more than ever. Now they need to know precisely how to use that information.

Make sure you know your customer’s personal and professional needs. Also, understand their buying behaviors and criteria for making decisions. Are they looking to reduce costs, increase revenue, lower risks or launch new products? You will need this insight to create the account-based campaigns you have dreamed of for years.

Learn to master content marketing.

You can create content based on your audience’s needs, wants, and motivations. You should determine how your target audience prefers to consume information during different sales process stages.

People like to learn about the problem they’re trying to solve early in the cycle. Give them content that explores the issue, its impact, and possible solutions.

In some industries, the video will be adequate; whitepapers are more efficient in others. Later in the sales process, please provide them with content demonstrating how your unique abilities can help them when they’re ready to purchase from you.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have a content plan in place, it is time to fully exploit it again based on the understanding that you have of the needs and wants of your prospects. Start with social media, which has various channels suitable for both b2b marketers and b2c.

You can target personas or roles in social media in an exact way based on their position in the sales cycle. This could be done using infographics, blog posts, and longer content early in the sales cycle.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO).

B2B SEO is often the backbone of a company’s digital marketing strategy. The foundation of B2B SEO is the analysis that needs to be done on your target customers. This insight will help you define the search phrases you can use to design your content.

It is free advertising in principle. However, investing in the best tools and skills and hiring a manufacturing marketing agency can help ensure that your SEO game is always on point.

Leverage marketing automation

Digital marketing initiatives, as we have mentioned before, will complement traditional marketing tactics in a broader marketing strategy. It will probably involve increasing or rebalancing budgets.

Marketing Automation Platforms are essential to helping marketing teams stay productive and effective. These platforms help to plan and manage campaigns, identify SEO and content topics and drive more leads.

They can help you manage and implement your social media strategy, and they can also help you understand the way your prospects interact with you. They can also help you with your CRM and email marketing.

The Right KPIs

Marketing automation platforms can provide a wide range of KPIs and data that are almost impossible to imagine. This helps industrial marketing teams track their progress.

You can monitor your conversion rates to see which leads are the best and which have the shortest sales cycle. You can also use them to determine which types of content work best for specific audiences.

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