The marketing world is a shambles with AI taking over… or not?


You can relax, everything will be fine.

If you keep up with the latest technology news, you may have heard about the $10 billion investment that Microsoft made in OpenAI (or seen my TikTok feed).

A severe company now backs ChatGPT. This news has led to the assumption that our jobs are in danger.

AI will replace all marketers in an instant, right?

You’re right.

Call me a “wildly optimist,” but I am pretty sure my clients and you are not going anywhere.

People LOVE to tell you that the sky is about to fall whenever possible. We are suddenly forced to prepare for our demise because of some new invention.

When cars replaced horse-drawn carriages, this was the case.

When the typewriter replaced pen and paper, it was a big deal.

It was when (the Internet) came into existence that we got the medium we use today.

Did you know we are supposed to be dumber because of the Internet? Exponentially, actually. (Like, I’m supposed now to be an uneducated heathen sitting in a ditch.

Listen up, ChatGPT rocks. It is brilliant and learns on the fly.

I am excited to integrate it into my business. We’re actually in the process of incorporating it.

Best part? I don’t feel threatened at all.

This isn’t something that will put my job at risk. It’s an opportunity for me to be promoted.

I understand those concerned about those who cannot keep up with the times. However, I have no sympathy for them. It’s the same nonsense we have heard for generations.

You’re not cut out to work in an industry if you can’t keep up with it.

Sorry. Sorry.

“But Yogev, can’t AI technology write sales pages, emails, ads, etc.? Are you worried that it will replace all copywriters?

It can certainly do all those things. It works well. There are some caveats:

It is not enough to have it do everything. You need to know how to prompt the program in a way that will get to exactly your desired result.

If you’re going to copy-paste it into your funnel, likely, you need to consider how it needs to be edited and reviewed. This requires someone familiar with the psychology of persuasion and communication and the audience.

It’s not the lazy or subpar copywriters you want, but the ones who need to improve.

ChatGPT gives people a chance to equalize the playing field.

The people who need to become more familiar with marketing funnels, copywriting, etc., don’t need to spend money on someone who will do the minimum.

We are teaching them the lesson we all have had to learn: don’t cut corners on services.

Experts will always be required on the other side.

If you are good at your job, you will still be in high demand.

This tool can be used by those who excel at their work to improve processes and procedures.

William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” “The word processor liberates the writer from a mundane task that saps their energy and enthusiasm.”

If you look at this as an instrument, which allows you to concentrate your creative energy and focus on it, you’ll be better.

ChatGPT is an excellent example of a prompt that requires the right expertise.

You can now automate your research. Rather than scouring through the Internet to find helpful information, you can see it all in one place.

Your ideas for topics and angles have been multiplied. Asking your computer to suggest tips you still need to consider can help you build more content, create new offers or split-test different variations of the current request.

Your outlines have been written more quicker. A good strategy is my favorite. The more detailed, the better. Your writing will be tighter with factual information, and your first draft will be closer to the finished product.

Just the first 25-50% has been accelerated.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, which is okay. The human touch will make the final result feel more complete.

This means you can now spend more time on the things people pay you for, such as transforming things from good to great.

You know what else? You will have more time to serve customers who will continue to pay you.

No need to thank you, but I know what a great concept it is.

Bottom line: keep up with the market.

The world is a place of innovation and evolution. It is always something that replaces another. This is not just human; it’s universal.

That is a very rigid mindset if you can’t see how an innovation or invention will change an industry and provide opportunities for more money.

As entrepreneurs, business people, or just ordinary people, a fixed mentality limits you in more ways than one. (But let’s not turn this into a group therapy session; get back to the point.

Learn something new. This tool is a great way to grow.

You’ll be surprised at how valuable you become if you think outside of the box.

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