The logo is the image that your audience will associate with your brand. It leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your audience and prospective clients. A good logo will make your audience remember you, and they’ll associate the logo with the business. Sometimes, a great logo can be enough to attract customers without the need for any other details about your brand or services. The logo alone is sufficient to communicate the business message.

Different types of logos are created using different styles and techniques. This blog will discuss different types of symbols.

Abstract Mark

A logo is an abstract mark that represents a bigger image or concept from which brand owners derived their brand name. The abstract print does not necessarily represent or denote anything that shows the brand name or gives you a direct, unassisted image of the brand.

A logo with an abstract mark can be used for a company that has many divisions and genres. One logo can’t represent so many different things. An abstract print could be used to handle this situation better.

Abstract marks are more difficult to create than a brand mark or logo. They also have to be unique in an overcrowded and competitive market.

Picture Marks

The pictorial mark is a more direct, relatable, and straightforward image that represents a brand name. The design is simplified and creative. The graphic print can either refer directly to the brand, like Apple, or it could be a service/product.

The audience does not have to exert much effort to identify the business that the logo represents. The brand name may or may not be included.


A logo is a type of emblem that combines a brand name with a pictorial element. The two pieces are so interconnected that they cannot be separated. Harley Davidson Motor Company is a great example of a logo of this type.

A logo is a visual and verbal representation of the brand. It shows its quality, reliability, and integrity. The audience is less likely to be confused by the logo, as it’s not just the name of the brand but also a specially designed graphic element. This is a continuous graphic or picture that you can’t break up. It is fascinating to see how well an emblem looks when embroidered on a uniform of safety clothing by employees.

Letter Forms

Letterforms are a symbol of the initial letters in a brand’s name or its first letter. McDonald’s is a common example. The brand name McDonald’s is represented by the yellow letter “M.”

The advantage of this short form is that it is simple. A disadvantage is that it can make advertising more difficult, as people are forced to relate to a brand faster.


Also known as logotypes. These logos are created by designers who type the brand name into a font and style that they have designed exclusively. This becomes their identity. The logo is the entire brand name.

Wordmarks are a great way to build brand recognition. It can be very generic if there isn’t much creativity and effort involved.

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