Top Digital Marketers to Follow on Twitter in 2016


The year 2016 has already gotten off to a rousing start in the world of digital, and if you’re like us, keeping on top of what’s happening in this field is a must to be part of your daily routine. It’s not always easy. However, it’s a constant struggle to keep up with the latest news, and I find it challenging to find enough time and energy to keep pace with the most recent changes or updates. So, how do we do it? How do we be sure that we are aware of the latest developments in the most efficient manner possible?

We’re all about knowing which resources will give us the most value. We gathered our team and created this list of the Top Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter in 2016. Segmented by channel, This list will be your reference to ensure you receive the latest and most helpful information you can find.

Rand Fishkin / Moz

You must follow his account: Rand is the Co-founder of Moz and We are awestruck by Rand’s ideas and strategies and strongly recommend that you follow his history and the Moz account to get inspiration for SEO.

Neil Patel

You must follow Neil: Neil is the Co-Founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg The man knows what he’s talking about. He’s a content creator, and the content he writes on his blog posts is among the most comprehensive and easy to understand in that he cites examples of every idea he makes.

Search Engine Land / Danny Sullivan

The reason you must follow these two websites will help keep you updated about what’s happening within the world of digital marketing. Their content is an excellent source for marketers who are searching. In addition, Search Engine Land is among the top of the most popular content in our field.

Mike Stelzner / Social Media Examiner

You must follow his account: Mike Stelzner is the director of Social Media Examiner – the one-stop shop for everything related to marketing on social media. He is a maniacal tweeter, and through the two accounts, you will receive lots of excellent tips and valuable resources on the most recent and best social media.

Amy Porterfield

What you need to know about her Amy Porterfield is possibly one of the best and most valuable social marketing experts of the past. Her advice and tips will assist you in navigating the world of social media for your business or clients effortlessly. She posts easy-to-understand guides to help you with how-to’s, efficiency hacks, and more to keep you up on the social scene!

Jon Loomer

You must follow Jon Loomer: Jon Loomer is the Yoda of social media marketing. His methods are ideally suited for those who manage Facebook Ad campaigns, as they can get detailed instructions and suggestions for new updates or releases. We appreciate that he’s a risk-taker who will test new strategies when conceived and isn’t afraid to be inventive.

To stay up to date with the latest developments in PPC…

Matt Umbro

What you can learn from following his account: Matt is an SEM expert and the founder of #PPCchat. He is a fan of discussing different strategies for PPC strategies. His Twitter account is an essential hub for him to publish great content from across the internet.

Larry Kim / WordStream

You must follow Larry Kim: Larry Kim is an excellent resource for the entrepreneur SEM professional since his Twitter stream offers great advice on strategies, general business advice, and humorous marketing gifs. Larry Kim is the creator and chief technology officer of Wordstream Wordstream, an online PPC and a social Advertising tool that can make internet advertising more effective than you think possible.

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