The DMI Guide for Digital Marketing Terms


In this rapidly-changing industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the many digital marketing terms and phrases. After learning one set of terms, you think that’s it. Then, BOOM! There’s another group of acronyms like CPM, AOV or ROI.

No need to worry. Digital marketing is no longer a mystery.

This interactive and comprehensive guide, developed by digital experts and leaders, will help you to understand the most common and obscure marketing terminology. This guide will ensure that you never get caught unawares about what a geofencing is or what a hero picture is.

Download this guide to get the most comprehensive digital marketing glossary available! If you are looking for a specific term, you can go directly to our all in one marketing glossary.

Use the quick search to find any term in the book. Click Ctrl +F to open the search bar, and then enter the term that you are looking for.

Learn more about marketing terms

You can find a lot of guides on terms, such as A guide to social media platformsYour ultimate guide to programmatic advertising terms, or if you are interested in SEO, then check out SEO A-Z.

Be a digital marketing pro!

It’s important to possess the skills necessary for a successful digital marketing career. DMI’s professional diploma in digital marketing will give you the essential knowledge in social media marketing. You’ll also learn about SEO, website optimization and email marketing. Start today!

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