Social Media Marketing Campaign: These Small Businesses Did It Best


Nowadays, the majority of small companies are already on the social networks.

However, simply having a Facebook or Twitter account and posting updates about your business doesn’t suffice to connect with your targeted public.

Companies must be imaginative and consistent in order to catch the attention of prospective customers and establish connections with their current customers.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to create a solid social media marketing campaign.

One of the most significant problems with social media for small businesses is the lack of resources.

The majority of small-sized businesses have a small digital marketing team and a smaller budget for managing social media.

Small-scale business owners need to take a strategic approach to their social media profiles.

Through the development of an effective social media marketing strategy that resonates with their targeted people…

…small businesses can make the most of their social media budgets and get the most out of their results.

In order to design profitable social media strategies, it’s essential to know the reasons users share their content on their social accounts.

Based on research conducted by Consumer Insight Group of New York Times…

…it was found that users post posts to show a glimpse of themselves and also to contribute to the lives of others.

The stronger the emotional pull of a particular post, the more likely that they will be inspired to share it with others.

The triggers for these can be anything from sadness to happiness and anger.

What can small companies do to boost their social media-based marketing strategy to the next step?

Burger Revolution

Burger Revolution is a burger restaurant that is located in Ontario, Canada.

In terms of marketing, the restaurant is trying to connect with local customers while also engaging customers who are already patrons in order to increase the likelihood of returning.

They are growing their social media presence, and they’re extremely engaged in posting updates on their specials on burgers as well as new products.

One thing Burger Revolution does well when it is creating a marketing plan using Facebook and other social platforms is posting content from its customers.

The restaurant is running a continuous social media-based marketing campaign referred to by the name of “the comment of the day.”

In the store’s physical location, the store has a bulletin board that allows patrons to write feedback about their experience using the form of a Post-It note.

Then, The Burger Revolution team posts their daily favorite comments through social media.

This heartwarming text from a young patron is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

This social media campaign is an excellent method for the company Burger Revolution to highlight their customers’ good experiences.

It also helps in humanizing the brand by displaying real-life comments from those who enjoy spending time there.

In addition, Burger Revolution’s fans and followers love this everyday posting.

They often share or retweet the content, as well as respond to the post to show their appreciation.

This message of the day was posted shortly before Mother’s Day and is seasonally appropriate.

The”Comment of the Day” campaign is an innovative way that allows Burger Revolution to utilize user-generated content on their social media.

This is a low-cost marketing strategy using social media that a majority of small businesses could utilize to engage and attract their market.

But don’t worry.¬†Your company doesn’t have to keep handwritten notes from your most loved customers in order to make use of content created by users.

You’ll still be able to find ways to motivate your followers and followers to produce content you can then share with them.

One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to organize a contest on social media that asks your customers to upload images of themselves using your products.

People are amazed by freebies or giveaways.

Even if you only give a small amount, you will still be able to create amazing content with your customers.

At the final point, content created by users is an invaluable social media approach for small-scale businesses.

It can show potential customers the way they can benefit from your services and products by showing how they are utilized in the real world.

The content created by users can also increase the brand’s reputation and credibility.

If people can see that others are expressing their appreciation for your brand, they’ll be more inclined to give your company the chance.

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