Simple SEO Tricks and Tips to Rank Higher by 2020


You probably already know the importance of SEO for your business if you are a business owner. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process that internet marketers and SEO experts use to rank a website on Google’s results page for keywords relevant to a business or user query.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re still having trouble with SEO in 2020. This post will provide some easy and effective methods to improve your website’s organic ranking.

Remember that SEO takes time, so don’t expect results overnight. If you adhere to these tried and true white hat SEO techniques, you’ll see a visible improvement in the SEO score of your website.

Use rich snippets to get more clicks.

Rich snippets are a block of additional information that appears alongside the Google search results. Rich snippets are often used to display recipes, events, and reviews. Since rich snippets have been shown to increase organic click-through rates by over 50%, 2020 should be a year of focus for this feature. Google uses structured data to show rich snippets of the search results. Structured data is implemented by many websites using markup.

Protect your website with HTTPS.

Google gives priority to websites that use the HTTPS protocol. It is, therefore, a good idea to transition to HTTPS by 2020. You can also expect your users to engage and trust secure websites. This is another reason to make this switch ASAP.

Concentrate on producing your best content.

Content is the king of SEO, even though many SEO trends come and go. We encourage you to produce the best content possible for your blog or website. Content that is high-quality and useful engages readers and keeps them on your website longer, which is a positive SEO signal.

Increase your website loading time.

Improved user experience and improved organic search engine rankings are the result of improving your website’s loading time. One-second delays in website loading time can result in major losses for your business.

Discover the factors slowing your website down and take action on them regularly. You may need to reduce plugins, compress images, or enable browser caching.

You can link to your older posts.

Google takes into account the number of links, both internal and external, to a particular post when determining a ranking. It makes sense, therefore, to link to older posts in order to increase organic traffic to your website.

Long-tail keywords

Use a combination of long-tail keywords to drive targeted and high-quality traffic to your site. The use of long-tail keywords is more important than ever now, and SEO will be more competitive in 2020.

Claim your Google My Business listing.

You can claim your Google My Business Listing on Google Maps if you have an actual address. Google may need a few weeks to verify your address. Once you are confirmed, your business will appear on Google Maps whenever someone searches for the area in which you live.

If you do not have the budget for a professional website, then you can create a simple and user-friendly listing on the GMB website.

If your business is present in other cities than your local one, you can claim the GMB Maps listings there as well.

Backlinks Still Relevant

Backlinks, like content, are an important ranking factor. Build high-quality links to your website from pages with high authority. This can be done by guest blogging and commenting on forums. In 2020, many forums will be ‘No Follow.’ This means that they won’t share any link juice. Some websites may charge you a fee for guest posting, but this is still a worthwhile investment, especially if the website you are submitting to has authority and is relevant to your niche.

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