Mail Blast examples from small Businesses and What We Love about They


In terms of engaging contemporary consumers, very few platforms are more powerful than email.

According to research firm Radicati, by 2,022, there will be 2.9 billion users of email worldwide.

Statista states that, in the United States, there will be more than 251.8 million.

This is why email offers an effective way to reach new customers.

For every dollar people spend on marketing via email, they make, on average, $44, according to Campaign Monitor.

It’s logical.

So, WBR Digital found that 80 percent of professionals in retail believe marketing via email is their most effective tool for retention of customers.

Forrester Research also tells us that buyers who purchase via email are reported to spend 138 …

…more than those who don’t receive emails with offers.

Brands who want to develop these highly effective, high-powered emails need to research what consumers would like to see and what they are looking for.

One of the most effective ways of learning is to look at what other businesses have created to make efficient marketing emails.

We’ve put together four excellent emails that offer fantastic ideas for different stages during the buying process.

What Makes Email Effective?

Email offers tremendous value to brands since consumers are eager to be able to see it.

Adestra says that 73% of millennials consider email as their preferred method for receiving information from companies.

Email messages let users contact brands while traveling.

Segmented email campaigns also provide greater effectiveness rather than sending everyone the exact message.

These campaigns give brands the opportunity to provide greater levels of personalization.

Brands can choose the messages they wish to deliver based on who the recipient is and the location they are in this buyer’s journey.

Customers are awed by individualization. They feel that brands are concerned about them and their particular needs.

This is the reason MailChimp discovered that segmented email campaigns get a 14.64 percent higher rate of open…

… as well as a 100.95 percent greater click-through rate compared to non-segmented campaigns.

In our modern world, where people move quickly, marketers need to be on top of the constantly changing market trends.

Email is the best return for companies when they comprehend the need of their customers to receive personalized communications.

In reality, effective email personalization can yield an average rate of 4400% per dollar spent, which is equivalent to $44 for the standard.

Marketing via email has the greatest potential to earn money.

This is the reason you must take the necessary steps to make the most of all its benefits by implementing an efficient marketing plan for email.

Identifying the needs of real potential buyers during their journey to purchase.

Consider mobile compatibility and designing campaigns that draw attention to users can boost your business’s ROI.

Promoting purchases

When someone signs for your mailing list, you’re aware that you’re just one step away from convincing the person to buy. This is one of the biggest advantages that email marketing offers.

Your primary goal is to create curiosity and prove the value.

It is important to demonstrate to clients that you are aware of their needs and give them solutions.


Uber has been credited with changing the way people travel in numerous towns and cities across the globe.

Their examples of email blasts have definitely helped them meet their objectives.

This instance particularly shows the care and thought the company has put into its strong email campaign.

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