Knowmad Partners with Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) to Redesign the University’s Website


Johnson C. Smith University and Knowmad are creating a brand new .edu site for their university. There’s a lot of excitement over the new online presence of the university and Knowmad, at the university, and Snowman. It will better reflect the university’s possibilities and provide a user-friendly website for online users.

We began working with the university in mid-2010 to create the plan for the site. The site was developed in january, and we aim to launch the website in August. As you’d expect, this is a complicated project. The site has over 150 pages of information. Knowmad is working with the university on the creation of the content.

What else can you do to accomplish using screen sharing?

We’ve used screen sharing to share documents instead of Google Docs, delivering designs to our clients, working with our team members, and presenting sales presentations. There’s no limit on how it can be utilized. What is most important to us is that it aids in making the exchange more effective and does not hinder the flow of discussions.

Join. me

Join. Me is accessible to up to 250 viewers. It works with smartphones and traditional desktops and laptops. The paid version lets you use meeting scheduling as well as International conferences.

We’ve tried a variety of screen-sharing tools, in sizes from Skype to software designed for webinars. Which is your favorite tool? What is the reason behind it?

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