How Wise’s Marketing Strategy Leads to Their Success


The goal of fintech firm Wise, which was previously referred to as TransferWise, was to– help make international money transfers less expensive.

But how can you make yourself stand out that has thousands of financial institutions and bank services available?

This article examines the way Wise has been so successful in a competitive market and our suggestions to replicate their success.

We’ll cover:

Wise’s History

Wise’s Blogging and Content Strategy

Wise’s Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Wise’s Website and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Wise’s SEO Strategy

How Can You Replicate Wise’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

Wise’s History

Wise was founded by two mates who were both suffering from the same issue: they were paid in one form of currency but required to pay for bills in different cash, in this instance, euros, pounds, and pounds.

They realized they were being charged by their bank an enormous increase in their exchange rates, which was costing them more than it was necessary to transfer money between accounts.

They then launched TransferWise, which is now Wise, an organization that is dedicated to helping customers get the most competitive exchange rates.

They’ve expanded into card and bank accounts that give their customers the possibility of holding at least 54 foreign currencies in a single charge.

It turned out that many had similar issues in terms of conversion rates as the founders of Wise, leading to an estimated valuation of $5 billion in Wise in 2020. It is called one of Europe’s top Fintech unicorns.

Wise’s Blogging and Content Strategy

Wise covers a wide range of topics through its website, which includes personal finances, living abroad, tips for traveling, and business. At Exposure Ninja, we’ve seen several clients enjoy great success due to their blog’s content, such as;

How we applied content marketing to boost the US E-commerce store’s sales from $463 to $3,030,000 per month.

The London Law Firm Experienced an increase of 311% in search Traffic YoY following the implementation of our strategy for content.

The ability to cover a variety of niches that are related to their brand is a great method to utilize their blog, as they’re creating content that isn’t just pertinent to their services but also addresses the various types of customers they serve.

Beginning from the personal financial section, It is clear these titles in this section are optimized for Google searches, which their clients might be looking for.

Anyone looking for ” How to open a Monzo account” is likely to be seeking to start an account with a Monzo account. Wise is the company that manages Monzo’s international payments, which is why it’s in their best interests to convince people to sign up to open an account with a Monzo account.

The other blog, ” HSBC Foreign Currency Account,” will appeal to anyone who is looking for more information about or to open this kind of account, but anyone who can benefit from Wise’s international currency transfer services.

The blog that concludes the series, ” How to close a NatWest bank account,” might be helping to fill the gap in the search for answers — banks might not make it simple to figure out the best way they can shut down your accounts.

Suppose someone trying to shut down the current bank account will likely be searching for a new institution. In that case, Wise offers a call to move, offering themselves as “a money-saving alternative to banks,” explaining the reasons why their multi-currency account, as well as Wise debit card, are an excellent alternative.

It’s the Living Abroad section of Wise’s website. The wise website also provides information on issues that may be helpful for those who are planning to move overseas. The three above articles, “Paying property tax in Italy? Here’s a guide for 2021-2022″, “Selling property in Spain The complete guide,” and “How to pay for road taxes in the UK,” aim to assist the reader in tackling issues they may face when they live in another country.

Like the personal finance blogs, this blog was written to assist some of their intended readers.

In this scenario, Wise is aiming to get in touch with potential customers planning to move abroad and might require the services of international transfer money. If they’re conducting searches regarding moving to another country, they’re likely to be able to benefit from the services offered by Wise.

The ” Selling property in Spain” guide is a call to take action within the first couple of paragraphs, explaining that people selling their homes in Spain can bring their cash returned to the UK by using Wise to help them save some money.

If you’re stuck on how to write your CTAs If you’re stuck on how to write your CTAs, our ultimate call-to-action guide can help you get started.

Wise has discovered that people selling properties from Spain who are English speaking (hence the reason this site is written in English) are faced with the issue of excessive exchange rates and charges when selling properties in Spain.

Suppose you are looking for information about selling homes in Spain. In that case, It indicates that they’re likely to be doing so in the near future and are reasonable for the best price for their international transfer after the property has been sold. This is the ideal kind of content to share with Wise to distribute and also the perfect platform to help promote international transfers.

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