How to pitch a digital marketing agency to your boss


Pitching a digital agency to your boss cannot be very comforting.

What if the budget doesn’t work?

What if the client doesn’t like our agency?

We’re here for.

This guide will teach you five easy steps to pitch your boss a digital agency.

Understanding Your Boss

Plan Your Pitch

Communication of Why You Want To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Handling and Predicting Objections

What to look for when choosing an agency

Understanding Your Boss

Start with your pitch’s foundation

The needs and desires of your manager

The needs and wants of the manager, as well as other stakeholders or investors.

You may find yourself in a variety of situations:

They may have no prior experience in digital marketing but wish to start or increase digital marketing within their business. The business may think adding a new member to its marketing team will be enough. They must be convinced that working with a digital agency is more effective.

You may find they have some experience in digital marketing but have recently joined a new company that does not do digital marketing and is looking to you for help.

You could be asked to help them pitch a digital agency to their manager or stakeholders.

Refrain from assuming your manager will not be open to hiring an agency. They may be so busy the idea hasn’t even crossed their minds. You could save time by presenting them with an already-formed pitch that includes all of the research and expected results and answers to their questions.

Understand how your manager views digital marketing and what results they are looking for. Also, understand how digital fits in with the more significant business. This will help you to create your pitch.

Why not arrange a meeting to discuss digital marketing with your manager if you are still determining where to begin? You can have a casual chat with your manager to discuss digital marketing.

It is optional to mention using an external digital agency, but you can gauge your manager’s current level with digital marketing.

Download our guide to learn more about your manager.

Plan Your Pitch

It all starts with a good plan.

Keep it simple, regardless of whether your manager is a marketing expert.

You’ll get questions that are irrelevant to your goals if you give all the details.

You want to convince your manager to hire an agency for digital marketing and not leave them wondering why you need a TikTok Account.

It’s easy to think, “I know my manager very well, and I know they want as much information as possible. That’s fantastic! You might want to include a “cheat sheet” that your manager could use to convince stakeholders of the benefits of a marketing agency.

Exposure Ninja creates plans for its clients that include a streamlined version of the detailed plan. This can be presented to other stakeholders in the company, including board members, decision-makers, and others. This is perfect for those in your business who need more time but still need to review the proposal.

Questions to consider

You must think about a few things before writing your pitch.

If you ask these questions now, pitching a digital agency to your boss will be easier than if you just jumped in and hoped for the best.

Some of these questions you may already be able to answer.

What is your manager looking for from your marketing? What does your manager want from marketing?

What is the problem here, or what’s the opportunity?

Examples include:

A digital marketing agency can help you achieve real success if you need more capacity to do it yourself.

You may be experiencing problems because you need a dedicated team for digital marketing, while your competitors who do have one are achieving great success.

What is being done to address the issue or opportunity?

What role does a digital agency play in this? Will they save you money or time?

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