Good Advertising Ideas to Help You See Results on Facebook


Are you looking for creative advertising strategies to build your business or brand? Are you considering advertising through social media?

There’s no need to worry!

In reality, the majority of marketing professionals make use of Facebook advertising on a regular basis. What does this mean?

It’s a good thing that there are 3 million companies making use of Facebook to advertise their business.

And it’s not only in America. 70% of these businesses are located outside of the U.S.

Now that you know your competition may be making use of Facebook ads…what is your opinion of your potential customers?

There’s nothing to worry about! In Q2 of 2019, Facebook boasts 2.41 billion active monthly users Facebook.

It’s much more like YouTube, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

In addition, more than one billion people are using Facebook every day. The number continues to grow each year!

Numbers don’t lie! You don’t have to limit the amount of people you can reach when you’re using Facebook advertising.

What do these mean for your business and you? It’s time to begin advertising on Facebook!

Here are 12 excellent ways to advertise that will get you off to a good start!

Before we begin, If you’re already feeling too overwhelming, don’t stress. You don’t have to go at this on your own.

There are marketing firms who can assist your business expand.

Make your Facebook page as engaging as you can!

If you adhere to our suggestions, you’ll soon see a lot of visitors to your site. Also, make sure that it’s set to be noticed.

Video, video, video!

We’ll tell you about it a million times.

Do you want to know why? Facebook receives more than 8 billion average daily views of videos! There’s no reason for your company to be left the opportunity to be part of that social media engagement.

44% of small and mid-sized business marketers had plans to put money behind Facebook’s video content in 2017.

Don’t get left in the dust by your competitors. Make videos part of your ads as soon as you can.

While watching videos, it’s crucial to remember that Facebook users have five times the chance to view Facebook video content on smartphones.

Social media ads continue to move toward mobile devices, so make sure all your social media is mobile-friendly!

Another interesting fact…85 percent of Facebook users stream videos without sound; therefore, make sure that you’re using videos that have captions.

Make sure you are posting more often!

Did you know that the organic reach of Facebook pages branded with brand names averages 2?

So, regardless of the number of followers you have it’s only a small number you’ll be able to achieve without advertising.

To get your message to the right public, invest some money to enhance your most popular content.

This will pmakeit noticed by more people.

Facebook will even let you know the amount of people you’ll get in touch with over the course of your campaign based on the much you invest. Therefore, get started on building your following!

You could use some more ideas for advertising…

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