Every digital marketing agency must have these 7 tools.


Digital marketing is becoming more sophisticated, and digital agencies need to have the right tools in order to achieve their marketing goals.

Businesses typically seek out digital marketing services to increase visibility, generate leads, sign up for memberships, or sell products/services. These tools are a great way to save time, money, and effort for internet marketers, no matter what their goal is.

There are literally thousands and thousands of apps and software that claim to simplify digital marketing. It is difficult for marketers, therefore, to select the best solutions. We have put together a list that includes the essential tools every digital agency should review.


Ahrefs has a powerful keyword research tool that is second to none. Its keyword research tool is unmatched. This platform is far superior to the free keyword tools offered by Google, SEMrush, and BuzzSumo.

Ahrefs provides detailed reports on keywords, domain-based links, and traffic. It offers detailed stats on your content to help you identify the best-performing posts. By determining from where your competitors get the majority of their links and by building broken links, you can uncover huge opportunities for backlinks.

Ahrefs is used to perform a competitive analysis on a particular domain. This feature lets you see what your competition is doing and adapt your strategy accordingly.

If your digital marketing agency doesn’t use Ahrefs – the second largest crawler of the Web – you are missing out on some serious marketing opportunities.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for analyzing the performance of your website. Ahrefs can be used to see how your competitors perform. You can use different tests to see how visitors interact with your content. Check the SEO performance of your website or evaluate the success of a digital campaign. Google Analytics can help you achieve these goals and more.


Feedly, a powerful tool for the curation of content, is used by digital marketing professionals around the globe to discover and inspire new content. You can customize the feed to your liking and group your favorite content creators. The free version may be appropriate for small businesses and freelancers. Still, we recommend that digital marketing agencies purchase the premium version to take advantage of more powerful features like keyword search for content.

Poster My Wall

You can repurpose your content in a variety of ways. You can repurpose your blog posts into infographics and visual commands. Even short video animations are possible.

Poster My Wall is a great online image editor for this purpose. It stands out from the crowd and is well worth your time.

Poster My Wall is a website that brings together graphic designers and other creative experts who share their finest works. You can edit the creative pieces and customize them to include your logos and colors. If you are looking for inspiration, browse the impressive marketing collateral displayed on their website.

VSDC Pro Video Editor

We test video marketing software on a regular basis, but for this article, we want to focus on one that stands out. The VSDC Pro Video Editor offers a complete screen-capturing and video editing suite. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to edit videos.

The Pro version offers a few extra features that are not available in the Free version. You can, for example, split audio and video from any video.

Got a shaky video? The Pro version includes a tool to stabilize videos.

VSDC Pro Video Editor allows you to repurpose the best visuals and text into engaging videos easily. You can find royalty-free music via YouTube, SoundCloud, and other resources to add to your creation.

Export your creation by selecting the format and quality you wish to export it in. Share your products on your favorite social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Share your videos on platforms such as TikTok, Like, and other video-sharing sites to get more exposure for them.

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