Digital Marketing: Staying Relevant to the Empowered Consumer


In the digital age of marketing, consumers have decision-making power. Everything controllable about what they see, hear and interact with lies at the end of a finger. With a simple swipe or swipe, consumers have much control over what they decide to engage with. Traditional marketing methods are proving less practical and less valuable in reaching the market. What can the role of a marketer be in this scenario?

Here are a few suggestions we’d like to share with you to help keep your business in good shape and stay on top of its marketing

Deliver a converged media experience.

Customers expect a fast and seamless experience when they traverse through all the marketing touchpoints on the internet. This includes: expected paid, earned, and owned media. Utilizing online resources like Radian6 can assist in scouring the social media channels to find conversations between consumers about your company’s brand. Furthermore, using tools for social collaboration like Chatter aids in delivering rapid and efficient media distribution. What’s the point of this? Utilizing social tools can help determine which channels work best for your organization.

Collaborate among different departments.

Understanding the necessity for collaboration and synergy between information systems and marketing experts is crucial. Due to the rapid growth of access to data, it has become easy to access information. However, it is the value it adds that makes the difference. The value lies in the benefits given to the report; the difference is the consumer’s capability to view it and decide how to engage with it. Marketing in the age of digital is a team activity. Create an environment that encourages open communication between department specialists. Interaction is the key to innovation.

Make use of visual content.

It is the accepted norm that Search Engine Optimization and PPC can be reliable methods of developing organic growth and boosting the traffic your website receives. But visually pleasing content can also be a factor in attracting the attention of viewers as well! Add images, graphics, and videos to your pages and posts to give your readers an enjoyable and memorable experience. Your visitors will be left wanting to know more. A lower bounce rate is as valuable as it suits your company’s website.

Naturally, the digital marketing platform changes constantly. Strategies and standards for promotion are more or less relevant when new trends emerge. A little period to track and manage your company’s marketing activities on the web is essential. Be consistent and keep a firm determination to create value by engaging with your customers. Be proactive and active in your game, both in your internal and external environments.

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