Are You Confident in Your Facebook Business Page’s Safety? You might be wrong!


Nothing is 100% secure in this digital age. Security risks are higher because of the ease modern software and tools provide in our daily lives. To prevent security breaches, the makers of digital platforms have employed experts who work around the clock to identify loopholes in their systems.

The Facebook page was taken over.

On his way to a business meeting, he received a message from Facebook. He didn’t see the text, so he clicked the link to be redirected to a page that asked for his username and password. He quickly filled out the details and forgot about them as he was getting close to his meeting. He didn’t read the email from Facebook regarding the changes to his FB account or business page over the next few hours.

They made it a spamming webpage

Many of his followers reported that he had posted several links through his FB page. These links contained spurious content. Hackers immediately removed the users from the page after they complained. He asked his followers to report the page on Facebook.

Filed a complaint to Facebook support

This issue was raised with Facebook’s support page. His hacking was not due to carelessness. Facebook had already sent him emails informing him of suspicious activity on his account. Facebook requested the linked account’s phone number and email address, but they could not control these things. He visited several Facebook support pages but did not find anything relevant or helpful, which allowed him to recover his FB page.

Facebook removed the business page

He tried to log in to his Facebook account, but he was redirected to a page that explained different conditions. He clicked on “If I lost control of my business page” to proceed. The form opened, allowing him to report the hijacking of his FB page. Following the instructions, he received a generic message with a ticket number and complaint number. After three days of reporting the hijack, Facebook had taken down his page.

He finally got his page back

A text message from Facebook informed him that his administrative rights had been restored. It took nearly a month for this reply to reach him. He requested that the URL of his business page be changed, as the hijackers had altered it. The previous URL was returned within 24 hours. He had also made many security changes to prevent such an incident in the future.

Effectively recovered the traffic loss

His business was largely based on Facebook and other social media platforms. However, his traffic rate plummeted significantly during the month of the disruption. The hackers did not cause any serious damage to his business. His videos, images, and posts all returned to him as they were. He deleted all spamming links and malicious content and informed his followers via different posts. Thankfully, the problem was solved. In a matter of days, the page had returned to receiving the traffic it needed and was gaining the trust of its followers.

Tips to Avoid Facebook Business Page Hijack

After such an awful experience, he decided that he would make his Facebook page hacking proof. He searched the internet to find other ways to do it. These are the ones he mentions below.

Facebook recommends the following steps to safeguard a business page against a security breach.

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