Anatomy of a Marketing Email That Works


With so many options for segmenting and personalizing your messages to customers in digital age, there are many touchpoints or platforms to explore. However, the email is still a powerful medium that can deliver a substantial return on investment (ROI), even across different sectors.

These insights prove the promotional power and effectiveness of email marketing:

  • Email marketing has an average return on investment of 3,800%.
  • The global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 Billion in 2020.
  • Four of five marketers said that they would prefer to give up email marketing over social media.
  • 74% believe email is the best channel to receive communications from brands. Next are 64% of Gen Xers, 60% of Gen Zers, and 72% of Gen Xers.

Email marketing is well worth the investment and time. We’ve done the research and identified the key metrics that define a successful email marketing campaign. This will allow you to not only improve your open rate, clickthrough (CTR), and conversion rates but also uncover the hidden metrics that could give you an advantage.

Are you on the List?

Before we can send emails, we need to find someone to send them to. Prospects who are most likely to respond to what you have to offer and to listen to your ideas.

It is important to encourage signups via email and make it easy. You should provide a signup form that requires only the user’s name, email address and username.

Signup forms should be placed on your website, using a tool such as HotJar to further refine the user journey.

In order to increase their email list, many retail stores will email receipts. Others offer samples and discounts to sign up. American stores often take birth dates to send birthday emails. Many of these emails contain coupons.

It is crucial that you establish expectations. Let the customer know how often you will email them and what they will include. You will not convert that email into an open or click, nor a sale.

You should monitor both the growth of your email list and the delivery rate of those emails.

You can’t measure the success of your email marketing efforts if you don’t know how quickly your email list grows.

It is also pointless to collect email addresses that go to dead accounts. Monitor your delivery rate to ensure your emails reach live accounts.

This guide will help you grow your email database in just a day (the inbound, lovable way). We’ll give you the essential tips and guidance to increase your email subscriber base.

What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do?

Ross Callaghan is the head of digital marketing at insurance giant AIG. He says that the key for good email marketing is to clearly define what you want with your marketing efforts.

And, perhaps most importantly, what do the emails want to encourage the reader do with them? Some emails are strictly sales while others, such as surveys, are intended to collect customer data.

No matter what your mail address is, ensure it is focused on the subject.

There are two sides to this equation: getting people open the file (open rate) or getting them to click (click through). Callaghan says that the key to success is to stay focused on the customer’s needs.

But, how?

“The most important rule that I follow is to test as many marketing messages, imagery and subject lines as possible.

“I believe that short topics are more effective for open rates. A single word can be powerful in getting open, but so can saying something unique about your brand.

“The more you reach out, the more opportunities you will get.”

“In terms content, single marketing messages often increase CTR.

“Use striking imagery whenever possible, but always, always, and always use a call for action.”

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