What’s your angle? What’s Your angle?


It’s harder than ever to argue for original content. Throwback trends are a great way to create or recreate content. Originality is a rarity these days. It’s important to add your own spin. Fresh perspectives will make your content more relevant and relatable.

When you finally put pen to paper, or your fingers to the keyboard, it’s important to pick an angle, and then follow through.

Word of advice: If you have a preferred or favored writing style, creating a different angle will improve your writing, increase your interest over time, and broaden your audience.

Angles are available in many different types.

Most of the time, changing things up can be a good thing. There are two types of angles, informational and personal.

It is possible to produce a variety of high-quality work by transitioning between these two approaches. If you want to develop and/or maintain a fluid transition or a systematic one, a mix of different approaches will give you different perspectives and takeaways.

Informational content that is rooted in reality imparts knowledge. Think of tips, lessons, and tutorials. Pieces that are more lighthearted and loose and based on the author’s personal opinion can express feelings and thoughts. Consider social commentary.

Each category contains a list with different angles. Explore different formats, tones, and approaches along with changing your angle. Check that the direction you choose is in line with your brand, blog and its message.

The Informational Angle

You can learn a tip, or a lesson in many different ways. Read on to learn how you can use information to your advantage.

Create a list

Listicles remain more popular than articles. They’re short and to the point. Finding the basic takeaways is easier to find when they are noted as subtitles. (Please see above). In marketing, listicles are often based on checklists or introducing marketing goals and strategies.

Staying on top of the latest technology is essential in a world where tools and technologies are constantly changing. Keeping track of tasks based on their priority will help you improve your organizational skills. Your boss will be grateful that you have these two requirements to build a successful career.

Teach A Lesson

Staying up to date with tech is more than just reading listicles. It involves continuous learning. Communication is essential as a source of tips and tutoring. Everyone in the marketing industry wants to maximize their time, whether they are a small-business owner or part of an agency’s marketing team.

This type of angle focuses on a teachable point and provides beginners with tips, a guide to how-to or an in-depth look. Solving a problem can encourage readers to return. Make a video to keep your audience. By putting a face to the facts, and by offering a visual learning experience, you can build a stronger relationship and target different learning styles.

In The News

Create content that informs readers. Bring together all the news you need to know in one place, from the latest launches and trends to social influencers. Strike a balance between informal and conversational tones for on-the go learning and formal tones for in-depth analysis.

A 24-hour news cycle, coupled with a constantly connected public, means that individuals are bombarded by headlines and subheadings. Social media provides users with a constant stream of notifications and threads. Stay current and stand out to deliver a powerful message.

Panel or Profile

Speak to experts. When writing a profile, or when putting together a panel of experts, remember two things: Your message and your target audience. It is important that you choose someone (or a panel) who represents your blog or brand and has a connection with your readers. Share an inside look at the life and work of industry leaders and/or local community leaders.

Choose whether to write a profile, or create a panel. Create a list questions, then set up an interview. Or bring together diverse people for an interesting discussion. You could create a Q&A or advice column. The latter can be interactive.

Share The Spotlight

Invite an expert to guest blog. Even though it can be hard to let go of control, exploring this method (even for just a moment), offers a new voice and way of thinking. You’re not a big fan of sharing. Work with someone who shares your views on a particular post. Join forces to organize a seminar, or spread the message.

The Personal Opinion Aspect

Before changing from your preferred angle, shake things up and change your approach. This step-by-step approach will encourage routine change.

A typical post on social media is a perfect example of content created based solely on personal opinion. Posts are limited in character count. Here are some ways you can share your thoughts.


All of us want to know which products work and which don’t, but we often do not have the time to test them ourselves. Although writing a review can be subjective, it is a popular way to make decisions.

Expound on your personal experience, or give reasons for making a purchase. You can also try out a new strategy or form a partnership. Do not be afraid to tell the truth or discuss the good, bad and ugly. You’ll gain the trust of readers if you do this. You can also make personal and professional recommendations in addition to reviewing the product.

Offer Your Opinion

A difference of opinion is at the core of any good debate or conversation. Personal experience, regardless of whether we agree or disagree with each other’s perspective, opens the door to a conversation for everyone.

By providing social commentary, you can draw attention to a particular area. Some opinions are more respected than other based on their social status or following. Cover worthy topics and produce compelling content to establish credibility. Keep in mind that a popular opinion is different from a personal opinion when trying to attract readers.

Do not feel pressured to combine the two. People who want to expand their horizons don’t like to read their own summary.

Get Your Rant On

Little controversy is never harmful. We thrive on controversy. Give your opinion, and more. Remember, to be respected you must remain respectful.

Stick to the main point, because it’s important that there is a purpose. Address the subject in an intelligent and clever manner. Do not rant for the sake of ranting. Instead, follow these rules: pause before posting and avoid personal attacks. Write instead of using free speech.

Get essaying

Personal essays can be persuasive and engaging. Personal essays are not just for lifestyle magazines or adventure magazines. They can be used to humanize your brand and engage your readers.

Use a combination above of three approaches, focusing on the story first, then the first-person beginning and ending.

Share The Spotlight (Part I)

Find a partner who can present both sides of an argument, or two contrasting reviews.

People are more likely than not to share their opinions if they see their own position represented in the original content. Combining multiple approaches will help you build a diverse audience and encourage open communication.

Communication: Different Ways

It’s pointless to create content that no one will read. To expand your reach, explore new angles and approaches and communicate with readers in different ways. Never be afraid to use content in multiple formats.

Think outside the box when it comes to your content. Apps, social media channels and community-based boards are the best ways to increase your views and connect with your audience. Here’s a list of some other options: create a Pinterest Board, explore Instagram Stories, start a Twitter conversation, use TikTok to play, listen to Clubhouse or launch a hashtag!

The concept of content, whether it is a few sentences, a paragraph, or dozens of pages, has evolved over the past decade. It has crossed communication lines and established non-traditional format. Explore all the different ways you can reach out to your readers or viewers, whether it’s to answer a question, share an opinion or teach them about how to create a marketing plan.

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