What is the average income of digital nomads?


We have discussed how to land a rewarding digital nomad job and the importance of finding your niche. We’ll now talk about money.

How much do digital nomads make? How much do digital nomads make?

We’re about to look at some solid data on the income levels of digital nomads.

Let’s go!

How much do digital nomads make? Income ranges and insights

It’s important to note that 49% of digital nomads earn a higher salary than when they worked a traditional, tax-as you-go-job. The same study also suggests that 81% are satisfied with their current professional situation.

Your level of contentment will determine how much money you make as a digital nomadic. If you are happy and motivated you will be more productive, proactive and attract better clients.

If you start your digital nomad adventure with consistency and care, you are likely to earn a good income and be happy. What about the numbers?

One study suggests that digital nomads can earn between USD 50,000 to $99,000 per annum after they are up and running. Remote workers can also expect to earn between $10 and $20 per hour.

Digital nomads who work in marketing earn between $40,000 to $99 per annum. It’s not a bad income at all

The ‘digital nomadic’ phenomenon is also helping to reduce the gender pay gap, and (correctly) level the playing field for professionals.

Around 30 percent of businesses are run by women. They may be the CEO, founder, or leader, as opposed to just 5.2% in traditional workplaces. This is a solid step in the direction of equality.

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