What Is Digital PR? (And How It Can Improve Your SEO)


Digital PR, which is short for “digital public relations,” is an online marketing technique that businesses employ to improve the visibility of their websites. Digital PR firms collaborate with bloggers, journalists, and influencers and distribute online press releases to earn quality backlinks and social media mentions and increase their search engine Optimisation (SEO).

The digital PR process is, according to Google’s search advocate John Mueller, probably more important than technical SEO. He was right, and as an Exposure Ninja, we know from our experience that digital PR can yield huge outcomes, particularly when coupled with a solid SEO strategy.

Digital PR for SMEs Ready to Dominate Online

For business owners who are frustrated that your website doesn’t rank in the highly sought-after top three organic rankings for your keywords in the search results of Google, Our online PR and marketing services are the perfect solution for you. Here’s a brief overview of how we’ve employed digital PR to help our clients:

We have increased the number of searches for a London lawyer firm by 311 percent by creating creative content and site improvements.

We saw an increase in sales by 63.25 percent and cut the cost per conversion by 54.1 percent during our first month of working with an online store by revising ads and targeting keywords of the top level in the Google Ads campaign.

We gained 252 backlinks to an HR software firm through a single press release.

Are you interested in digital PR solutions for your company? Contact us to inquire about our SEO, digital PR, and content creation campaigns.

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR, often referred to as online PR, is a service that is part of Content Marketing. Digital PR is a combination of:

Acquiring top-quality backlinks from online and online magazines

Online publicity is a great way to gain attention

Earning honest (hopefully positive) reviews from customers

Responding with responses to requests from journalists.

Content Marketing, by contrast, is a term used to describe all of the PR strategies that are digital as well as content creation like blogs, webpage copy, and knowledge bases.

Digital PR allows you to get in touch with your ideal customers by highlighting your company on the websites they browse and listen to and on the social media profiles they follow. It could even help you get 5-star ratings for your business on Google as well as Amazon. In the end, digital PR positively affects a website’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Local businesses that can benefit from an organized regional SEO digital PR strategy should concentrate on getting your company included in publications online that cover the locality. This could consist of local newspaper websites or local blogs.

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

Traditional PR refers to publicists who pushed their luck meeting journalists over the phone and then schmoozing with them over dinner to bring their clients to magazines and newspapers ( Ab-Fab’s Eddy and Sex in the City’s Samantha Jones recall). PR has traditionally been focused on printed publications, television, and radio. Print media isn’t as it used to be, and the internet is rapidly taking over traditional print publications and television. Due to the rise of marketing online, the most savvy of these PR pros have moved their focus to the internet on Digital PR.

In the year 2016, in 2016, the Independent became the very first UK newspaper to drop print and go digital in the future. As a result, the number of the influence of online media is increasing.

Written by bloggers who live in the area and reviews from residents who have bought from you and your local event or charity that you are a sponsor for.

Digital PR is a redesigned version of PR. Instead of focusing on printed magazines, the digital form of PR is focused on online publications and increases the visibility of brands. It comprises:

Press releases and articles for publication

Collaborating with bloggers and influencers for product reviews and features

Marketing through affiliates

Insuring journalist and content writing contacts to get press exposure

Utilizing social media to gain exposure

Brand trust is built by letting online reviews be reviewed.

They can be used to improve the visibility of a website. Methods of digital media are a major influence on the website’s search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the event that they are implemented properly. Digital PR requires a thorough understanding of the guidelines of Google and ranking signals in order to increase the visibility of a website in the results of a search. This is the reason why a lot of Digital PR efforts are supervised by content marketers and SEOs experienced in the field. Find out more information about ” How Google Thinks” in our latest podcast.

If you don’t have digital PR, the SEO campaign you’ve poured cash into won’t help you rank on Google. A significant part of what professional digital PR firms and experts in online marketing, such as us, refer to as “off-site SEO,” includes digital PR. In the event that you’re working for an SEO or online marketing agency, be sure that they use the quality of digital PR as an integral part of their SEO strategies off-site.

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