Video Marketing Strategy No Longer an Option – Here’s Why


It is a good idea to think about the use of video marketing for your company.

Are you feeling that your business is stagnant? Do you feel like your company has slowed down as if it’s not moving any time in the near future?

If yes, you’re certainly not the only one. The running of a small business can be difficult, and a lot of business owners feel this way.

It’s not a good idea to be a Debbie Downer. However, the majority of small companies are unable to survive within five years.

It’s easy to be discouraged by your small-scale company.

However, using video-based marketing strategies could be the solution to help turn things around.

The landscape of marketing is evolving, and it is no longer the same sceneries we experienced in the past twenty years, ten or more years, or even a few years back.

If your small-scale business isn’t performing, perhaps it’s an opportunity to review the playing field…

…see the latest marketing tools and strategies you’ll need to adopt.

It is a thing that you should not miss when you are looking to meet your marketing goals and watch your small business expand.

These are four of the main reasons why you require a sound video marketing plan.

People Watch Videos.

Thanks to the rise of platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, users have grown accustomed to watching videos in their daily lives.

For a third of the time on the internet, they’re watching videos.

More than 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed on YouTube every day. On average, a Netflix subscriber is watching 1.5 hours of content per day.

People are also familiar with using videos, YouTube videos as well as social videos to help people decide on what new products to buy.

90% of consumers say videos aid in making buying choices.

64% of consumers typically buy a product on the internet after they’ve seen a short video about the item.

People are extremely visual, which is why it’s essential to engage the way they see.

A study by HubSpot research found that this is how your clients want you to engage with them.

54% of your prospective customers would like to watch the videos… in fact, this number is higher than the desire for other types of content.

As an owner of a business, you have the responsibility to offer your clients what they want.

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