Types of Sales Visuals That Increase Conversions


It’s no secret that humans are visual creatures. In fact, there’s a vast body of research proving that 93% of all of our communication is non-verbal.

Moreover, it’s well known now that we process images much more quickly than text. In fact, marketers have used this fact for years now to create better and more engaging strategies.

However, visuals can also be used more directly – for sales. Small changes in your sales visuals can make a major impact on your conversion rate and overall sales. Here are some of our top hacks for improving your sales with visuals.

Sales Visual #1: Explainer Videos

You’ve probably heard that video is the medium of the future. With video, you can explain ideas succinctly and impress your customers within seconds.

Perhaps most importantly, videos are great for sales. According to Wordstream, marketers that use video grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. The problem is knowing what type of videos to create and where to publish them for maximum effect.

Explainer videos are among the first types of videos to be created, and they are one of the most successful ones.

According to one of the industry leaders, Wyzowl, explainer videos are the most common type of created videos – 72% of businesses use them for sales and marketing, followed by presentation videos (49%) and strictly sales videos (42%).

But why are explainer videos so good for sales?

One, they are excellent at grabbing attention. The average person browsing the internet has an attention span of just a few seconds, which means that you have to try extra hard to win their attention.

Moreover, it would be best if you worked even harder to get them to buy. Explainers are usually super short videos that grab attention immediately and only take a minute to watch.

You can tell the entire story about your product and the way it works in just a minute or two. Compare that to forcing your visitors to read a landing page or a lengthy blog post, and it’s clear what is shorter and easier to consume.

The second reason is that videos are a linear type of content that shows a problem and a solution.

Your customer will be able to see where they are and how your product or service helps them earn more money, win back their free time, or solve a business problem, all through a practical example.

The third reason why explainer videos are effective for sales is that you can get wildly creative. Sure, landing pages convert, but you can only do so much with words.

Video allows you to express yourself with different styles of animation, voice acting, character visualization, and much more. You can make something truly captivating.

Fourth, you can reuse your explainer videos for different sales approaches. While you might have a range of landing pages on your website, explainer videos are just more versatile.

You can reuse one video on your website, social media campaigns, email outreach, product pages, product demos, onboarding emails, and anything else that you can think of. The value of an explainer video is immense when you think of all the different uses.

Overall, no matter what you sell and how you prefer to sell, explainer videos are an excellent tool that you need at your disposal.

Sales Visual #2: Infographics

Infographics are a well-known tool that sums up important data at a glance, and marketers have been using them for years. However, they can also be an effective sales tool if you use them the right way.

Coming from a background in marketing, I usually use infographics to sum up other people’s data in an interesting way. This makes the infographics we create beneficial for generating new backlinks to our website.

You can use the same approach for sales. Instead of focusing on raw data, focus on presenting what your product or service does for your audience.

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