The All-Inclusive Guide to Using Instagram Stories for Business


If you’re involved in any digital marketing to promote your business, We’re certain you’ve heard about Instagram advertising.

Have you heard of the use of Instagram Stories for business?

After Facebook purchased Instagram within 18 months of the platform’s launch back in 2010, the site has continued to grow since.

Updates following updates have been rolling out and along came Instagram Stories in August of 2016.

If you’ve never been aware of Instagram Stories, it’s a feature that lets you post photos or videos on Instagram, which is only available for up to 24 hours.

The concept is very similar to Snapchat. A Snapchat app was created in 2012.

The content you post on Instagram Stories doesn’t appear on the grid that appears on your profile, and it does not appear on your friends’ Instagram newsfeeds.

You might be thinking, what the point is? But

At present, Instagram Stories are not the only thing Instagram has recently updated.

If you’re advertising or posting on Instagram or other social media, you’ve probably seen the term “algorithm” thrown around quite a bit.

When we speak of Instagram’s algorithm, we’re talking of the algorithm that is automated and the method through which Instagram will display posts on the feed of a user.

Based on the number of Instagram accounts users follow, Instagram has to sift through every post they might see on their feed to decide what posts or advertisements to show.

How can you be sure that your posts use 2020’s Instagram algorithm to your advantage?

How does Instagram Stories fit into all of this? How can you utilize Instagram Stories for business?

Many questions are floating around Instagram Stories since they are yet to be fully developed (and being released with their updates often! ).

How Instagram Stories Work

Before we dive into the advantages that come with Instagram Stories in businesses, we should first find out more about what they are and how they function.

If you click to view the person’s Story’, it ll show either a picture or video they’ve shared.

If it’s a picture, the image will typically display for around 5 seconds. If it’s a video, it’ll play for up to 15 seconds.

Stories will keep all content for 24 hours unless it is deleted earlier by the person who published it.

Most of the time, these videos and photos are made using the Instagram camera. However, you are also able to upload content via your camera roll as the images and videos have been stored in your camera roll for up to 24 hours or less.

Take a look at some of the additional technical requirements you’ll have to be aware of when using Instagram Stories to promote your businesses in the image below!

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