Screen sharing can be effective.

Screen sharing can help conversations run quicker since we can see the same screen simultaneously. In the afternoon, Tessa showed me her monitor with me to present some design possibilities for the next banner campaign. In just 5 minutes, we’d got our new banner selected and in a position to move forward. The email could have meant additional back-and-forth communication.

It doesn’t require a technology expert to reap the advantages of screen sharing. You can utilize it any time you’d like to share or look at what’s on the desktop of someone else to make your conversation more productive.

What else are you able to do with screen sharing?

We’ve utilized screen sharing to share documents rather than Google Docs, delivering designs to our customers, collaborating with our team members, and presenting sales presentations. There’s no limit to how it can be used. The most important thing for us is that it should help the exchange to be more efficient and not hinder the flow of the discussion.

Join. me

Join. Me is free with up to 250 viewers. It is compatible with mobile devices and traditional laptops and desktops. The paid version allows meeting scheduling and International conference lines.

We’ve tested several screen-sharing tools, ranging from Skype to software for webinars. What is your preferred tool and what is the reason?

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