How to get (white hat) quality backlinks in a creative way


You must implement and understand the two key aspects of an effective SEO strategy for digital advertising if you want your website to rank well and attract organic traffic.



It is simple to understand the relevance. Relevance is simply knowing what your audience wants and providing them with high-quality, relevant content.

What are the different types of content used in marketing?

But this isn’t enough. Even if you produce the best possible content for your domain, it may not be enough to get the desired results. Google considers many factors in ranking pages (with authority at the top of the list).

Backlinks are a crucial way for Google to measure authority. It is the trustworthiness of a content provider that determines the source.

What are backlinks, and why are they important?

Backlinks (also called inbound links) are links that come from another website. This link can appear in text, as an image, or as a button. This will be considered as an inbound hyperlink as long as the link is from another source.

Google’s ranking is affected by more than 200 factors. Backlinks are still important because they represent the confidence that others have in your website. A backlink is much more than a simple link. This is how other platforms can tell their audiences that they are dealing with a reliable source, manufacturer, or service provider.

Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

Reclaiming credit from uncredited internet mentions is one of the easiest methods to obtain white hat links.

It is easy to do this by simply keeping track of the sources that mention your brand on a news feed or blog. Google Alerts is a great tool to use for this. If you are looking for ways to improve information, such as the domain authority of a website, tools like AHREFS or Mention can be used.

Broken Link Building

A broken link can be replaced with a quality alternative. Find a broken website link and think about why people mention that content. Ask people who are using dead-end links for your content instead of the broken link.

It will benefit both parties. You can gain a valuable vote for confidence in SERPs, and the other party will receive a functional reference to increase their credibility.

Content Repurposing and Syndication

Search Engine Optimizing does not just involve outreach, particularly when you are focusing on linking. Submitting content to video-sharing and infographic directories can help you get quality links. Your content must match the site’s needs and format.

This is where content reuse comes into play.

You have an excellent content idea. You’ve put your heart and soul into it. Why not turn it into high-quality infographics or video content and send it to an infographic directory? You will get valuable backlinks.

Use infographics to get links.

Brands can use infographics to generate quality backlinks. If you feel that your brand does not go with the picture content, you have other options to improve your SERP.

Diagrams that explain complex processes

Charts and graphs based on original data

Photo galleries for free

Templates for single-page documents

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