How to Build an Effective Social Media Presence for Your Business


Social media networks are now among the most important internet platforms used by businesses. More than 2,5 billion users use social media, and this number will likely increase in 2019. Successful brands understand that a strong social media presence is essential to their success. The battle for consumers’ attention is becoming more intense. There’s a good chance that you have a social media presence in some form or another if you run a business.

You can’t expect to get much out of your social media efforts if you rely solely on hashtags, random links, and sharing. It is important to develop a social media strategy that keeps your audience engaged and drives new business. Here are some tips to help you build a stronger social media presence.

1. Establish SMART goals

Why did you first create social media profiles to promote your business? Set smart goals which are measurable, relevant, time-bound, specific, attainable, and specific. You can avoid posting random content by having a plan or purpose.

2. Review your current presence

Examining your assets and the way you use them is a great place to start. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Analyze if your social media presence aligns with your brand’s goals. Identify the networks that generate the most relevant traffic and engagement. It may be best to eliminate some channels and focus on those that get the most response.

3. Be human

Digital marketing is all about a strong personality. On social media, it’s a mistake to come across as a faceless, robotic corporation. Be human when communicating with your social media audience. Many businesses love to crack jokes with their fans and talk on a personal level. Show the human side of your business to build relationships, not just a list.

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4. Create creative ways to entertain your audience

Finding innovative and exciting ways to engage with your audience while staying relevant to your brand’s message is useful. A fun editorial calendar is a great idea. You can, for example, create a midweek video that is entertaining to share with your social media followers. You can strengthen your strategy by creating more and more video content.

5. Optimize your profile

Social media optimization, unlike SEO, is not a technically-based task. You can optimize accounts using keywords and images. You can, for example, use your Instagram bio as a way to promote your brand and make its voice heard. You can also optimize your Twitter profile by using the right images and mentions in order to establish authority and gain more followers.

Are you unsure where to begin or lack the time to create or revitalize your social media presence or brand? Hire a digital agency with measurable results that knows how to implement smart social media strategy.

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