How Businesses Like Yours Should Be Using YouTube


YouTube is a video platform. YouTube is a major social media player. With 1.9 billion monthly active members, YouTube takes the distinction of being the second-most visited website worldwide, next to Google.

How can companies get the most value from the massive user base, and how can you keep from being caught among the masses?

This guide explains 14 different types of businesses that use YouTube efficiently and the 12 different strategies you can utilize YouTube to benefit your business.

Why Is Accounting Stuff Popular on YouTube?

A majority of James’ videos are focused on explaining and making accounting subjects easy to comprehend. This is definitely his USP in the world of YouTube. He has established viewers who are new to accounting or have only very little knowledge while covering as wide a range of subjects as he can in relation to the fundamentals of accounting.

James has taken it to the point of uploading the 5-hour instructional video instructing accounting right from scratch.

Why Is Slidebean Popular on YouTube?

Slidebean has a unique approach to its YouTube content, which focuses more on the kind of questions the people they target are asking about starting a business overall instead of making it about Slidebean’s products.

People who are new to the business might not be looking for answers to questions on pitch decks right now. However, they’re pulled to different features of Slidebean’s material, for example, how to grow their business.

What is Slidebean getting business from YouTube?

In providing suggestions for small-scale companies, Slidebean is creating content that will appeal to their client without making their content solely about their products.

In reality, they refer to Slidebean. Slidebean product and explain how it’s an asset for small-sized companies, but it’s appropriate within its context instead of the whole video being solely focused exclusively on Slidebean’s product.

This strategy is ideal for any business looking to reach out to its ideal customers while looking for additional details about its company.

If they’re ready to invest in pitch decking software, they’ll likely be tempted to donate their funds to the business that gave them free guidance for them to launch their own business.

Who Is Ashville?

Ashville is comprised of three companies: Ashville Inc., Ashville Aggregates, and Ashville Concrete. The company uploads weekly videos on its YouTube channel, along with other videos related to the waste and construction industries, like trying out new equipment, instructional videos, and challenges.

Their most popular video is ” A Day In The Life of a Construction Entrepreneur,” which has racked up over 2 million views.

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