Since Facebook and social media are becoming more commonplace, businesses are shifting into the social media world to seek out customers. Here at Knowmad, we’ve looked at Facebook and have concluded that it’s not a good fit for us, but it’s certainly not something to ignore.

Why? Prospects and customers typically do not look us up on Facebook since we cater directly to companies (B2B) and not consumers. However, a business or person could confuse their brand by branding themselves as Knowmad or Knowmad on Facebook. Furthermore, we may need Facebook in our marketing efforts and we do not want to miss the chance to establish our brand’s name.

What made us decide whether to utilize Facebook to promote our brand? We’ve incorporated a few questions in this article that helped us decide whether Facebook is the best choice for our company. I hope these questions assist you in starting a discussion for your business.

Before we began our discussion, we identified the primary audience we wanted to reach to ensure that the meeting was more productive.

Are we targeting our audience via Facebook?

Yes. But, it’s unlikely that our targeted audiences are interested in engaging with us through Facebook. We work with other businesses, and our brand doesn’t cater to general users (B2C).

Does Facebook bring visitors to our website as well as our blog?

Maybe. We’ll likely gain more targeted traffic from LinkedIn by promoting our blog content.

Do you think anyone would purchase our company via Facebook?

No. Knowmad doesn’t offer products. Our selling model is based on relationships and not transactional.

Is Facebook an effective recruiting tool for us?

Perhaps. It’s not the most effective way to recruit due to our specific need for highly experienced web strategists, hackers, and web-savvy designers. Investing a lot of money is possible, but getting minimal returns.

How would it affect us if we increased the number of our followers?

It’s not that obvious from a business standpoint.

What is the benefit for us to utilize Facebook?

Yes. We don’t want to see someone steal our name from the most used social media. But this shouldn’t be the reason for spending too much time on Facebook. Other options for marketing.


These are only a few questions that can be asked regarding Facebook for B2B companies. Answering these basic questions led us to quickly decide that our marketing efforts could be more effective with other channels.

There are numerous ways to market our companies offline and online. Due to the time and budget restrictions we face, it’s crucial to ensure that we’re investing our marketing dollars and time effectively.

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