Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Targeting The Right Audience


Many manufacturing companies prefer to remain comfortable with marketing on the Internet. They invest in pay-to-play ads and articles on company websites with a website just a web-based sales brochure and very few KPIs used to gauge digital marketing performance. If the problem isn’t there, why bother fixing it?

The fact is that your customers are seeking information on the web. Research and studies have shown the fact that 90% of consumers from the B2B market do their research online before when they buy the product or service.

How do you get the interest of your potential customers? Create a digital marketing strategy for manufacturers targeted to the right people. Although “audience targeting” is typically used with Google ads, you can develop an online system for your site geared towards your intended customers at all stages of the sale funnel.

Targeting your audience will allow your brand to reach out to individuals at all stages in your funnel sales, broadening your reach beyond sales and distributor teams.

Digital marketing that is targeted to the right target market can help your business reach more potential customers:

Teams for research and development

Tech teams and engineers

Key decision-makers (C Suite)

Customers who return

Referral Partners

Industry influencers

We at Knowmad think that focusing on correct buyer personas, in conjunction with the ability to target your audience online, will alter how you conduct business. Sorting through leads that don’t match your product or service is exhausting. Contacting qualified prospects who believe your brand will aid them or resolve their issues can make the selling process more enjoyable and effective and produce tangible outcomes for your bottom account.

Audience Targeting and Personas

Everything is based on your ideal customer. The services and products that you offer. Strategies you employ to market your products and services. Your growth strategy. Even your address. Everything you do in the outbound marketing strategy is influenced by the person you’re trying to attract. This is the reason you’re in business. To educate, serve and assist your customer?

Since everything depends on attracting the customer to your company’s brand and site, it’s essential to understand his likes, dislikes, and interests thoroughly. Although a feeling of these aspects may be beneficial, creating an organized and well-studied profile of the customer takes you from the fictitious world into a reality based on data. This profile, referred to as the customer persona, is a fictional depiction of your ideal customer. Making one could transform your approach to business.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, One size doesn’t fit the entire buyer persona study. Personas will change as you dig deeper into your research and develop audiences around various persons for a larger population.

Being a problem-solver is useless if you don’t follow up. Being prompt in responding to queries can go a long way in establishing your position as a customer service provider.

The creation of content to be used to target audiences will:

Get a clear picture of the people your company is attempting to reach.

Create fresh ideas for products or services more likely to succeed. Of the success you want

Aid you in focusing on opportunities that align with the desires/needs of your customers and eliminate options that aren’t.

Let you please your customers with the highest level of personal service

How do you make web content targeted to a specific target audience:

Create an outline to determine your ideal client. Consider the aspects of gender, age, education, income, geographic place of residence, interest, family, and pain points.

Interview some of the customers you have already worked with to understand better their needs and objectives and the problems they’re attempting to solve.

Find out more online. If you’re trying to connect with the CMO at a medium-sized restaurant chain, look at the magazines and associations he appreciates.

Make this data into a single, easy-to-read document that you can use to portray your personality. Place it next to your computer or somewhere you’ll visit regularly. You’ll need it to guide your decision-making, both small and big. Utilize the guide to Content Creation guide to reach your target audience at every step of the sales funnel.

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