Building an Instagram Following for Your Small Business


The growth of a small-sized business and then taking your business to the next step is the goal that every entrepreneur wants to achieve.

Numerous digital marketing tools are available to help you reach this target, Instagram being one of them.

In the past, Instagram has proven to be an effective visual platform to increase brand recognition and build a loyal and responsive following.

With more than 500 million people who log on to Instagram every day.

This social network continues to assist small and medium-sized businesses expand their reach.

With this potential, there is no reason why entrepreneurs are interested in creating an Instagram following!

Additionally, regarding engagement rate, Instagram has been proven to provide more results.

In a Forrester study, it was discovered that the engagement rate of brands on…

…Instagram was nearly 60 times more popular than Facebook, the social network giant. Facebook.

By using Instagram, small businesses can profitably…

Connect with prospective customers and connect with them.

Create and sustain your relationship with current customers

Enhance the likelihood of sales through the app

But, to realize the full advantages of Instagram marketing, you must be able to reap the full benefits of Instagram.

Concentrating on building an Instagram presence that you can rely on is essential. You may be left with the most critical question:

“How do I grow my Instagram following?”

Don’t worry here, as you’ll discover the most minor things you can do to influence the number of your followers.

Post at the Right Times

The goal of getting your content noticed by the maximum number of people is at the top of your list regarding Instagram marketing.

Not just for the sake of publicity, you also would like to increase the number of shares you share, leading to more followers.

Building an Instagram following for your small business gets more straightforward if you publish at the correct times.

When is the best time to make a post on Instagram? According to Later, these are the 3 top worldwide best times to publish on Instagram on any Monday:

But, considering that each Instagram account is unique with individual users, you must determine your optimal time for posting.

The goal is to time your Instagram posts to be posted when most of the users are active.

Here are two proven ways to figure out the optimal timing to make a post for Instagram.

Discover When Your Followers Are Online

Get rid of the guesswork and find your ideal Instagram posting frequency by analyzing Instagram Insights.

A feature that allows you to look into the activity of your viewers.

Instagram Insights is highly versatile in helping you identify your viewers. You can view details like…

The place of your followers

No matter if they are male or female

Which age group do they fall into?

In particular, when their activities are at their highest

When you know when those who follow you are available, begin posting during that time.

Also, look into time zones to determine whether your content can be viewed by followers from different places.

Experiment with different Posting Times

If you do not want to rely solely on analytics, you may wish to experiment with yourself.

All you need is a spreadsheet that can keep track of the days and times when your content receives the highest level of engagement.

The objective is to keep track of the amount of likes and comments you receive on your content.

By analyzing your analytics, you need to understand the period your followers are actively engaged.

Let’s say, for instance, that your users are mostly online between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. PST. It is possible to have your posts scheduled for this range.

Continue to change the times every week to test.

After a few months, you’ll have the data to assist you in choosing the most appropriate times and days to post your content on Instagram to get more engagement and increase traffic to your website.

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