Are you convinced that Pay-per-Click is gone? Consider reconsidering your position


Many of us have been told by a close friend, who was told by one of our friends, a horrifying tale about pay-per-click advertising. “Sally sunk $30,000 into Google AdWords and it didn’t work.” I’m sure that your acquaintance was correct. I’ve heard the same stories and understand why people believe pay-per-click is no longer viable.

Effective management of pay-per-click (PPC) requires regular monitoring; if ignored or poorly managed, it can cost a lot of money. Do not take it on if you don’t have the time or know-how to handle it!

Learn to know more about the various options and the benefits they offer.

Budget Management

Rather than leaving the software to control your budget, making your budget ensures that only a certain amount of money is used.

Relevancy is Rewarded

Ads that closely match the titles of pages and content keywords are considered more relevant, reducing the cost per click. Relevance and quality are the main criteria for determining relevance with pay-per-click.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are typically two- to five-word phrases that are less popular and less in competition than shorter, less frequently used words. Long tail keywords are cheaper and produce better quality traffic as they are targeted at more knowledgeable buyers farther along the purchasing process.

Geographic Targeting

The concept of geographic targeting (geo-targeting) is beneficial when a company is focused on a particular market to increase sales. This feature prevents an advertisement from getting unwanted click-throughs from people, not in the targeted need.

Content Networks

Content networks permit ad placement on other websites that are based on keywords. This can be beneficial if you visitt these websites and have the habilitating offer toce users to click on them.

Are you making use of PPC to do more than display ads? Are you seeing the value of PPC? We’d like to know how you use PPC to promote your business. Comment below.

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