20 B2B Lead Generation Ideas (You’ve Probably Not Tried Yet)


Are you struggling to find leads?

Have your leads begun to lose their luster?

Do you have leads, but are you unable to scale your tips?

Below are the top 20 lead generation concepts that you’ve (probably) never tried yet.

We’re sure there’s at least some lead generation strategy that you’ve never heard of before.

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Add a CTA to Your Blog Content

Let’s begin with the simple modification you can make to allow your blog to perform better for you.

If you’ve got a blog that is earning you lots of visitors, why not profit from this traffic by adding CTAs? CTA?

Your blog’s content must contain at minimum one CTA in it.

It is possible to make use of various CTAs depending on the person to whom your content is directed. For example, if the content is targeted at the top of the funnel traffic, it is possible to include a CTA to sign up your email list or eBook.

If your content is targeted toward customers further along on the funnel of sales, it is possible to include the CTA for a complimentary consultation. Make sure to create a compelling appeal for your readers.

Of course, these CTAs are indeed only effective in generating leads if you have sufficient visitors to your site. Here are some suggestions on how you can make content that is ranked at the top on Google.

Use Automated Chatbots

At Exposure Ninja, we’re big advocates of chatbots that are automated, such as Tawk or Collect. Chat.

In 2021, we racked up over 4,000 new leads through our website.

Two hundred fifty of those were sourced via the automatic live chat on our site.

Two hundred fifty leads lead to 30 minutes of work installing it.

In addition, we created it to assist users in finding blog articles, training guides, and podcasts as well.

Although they were not yet ready to make the switch at the moment, we decided to keep the site up and running and started to build a relationship with them through this chatbot.

Build a Community

The creation of an online community that allows your intended audience to be connected and come together is an excellent method to build rapport with your target audience.

Be aware that This only works if you truly want to assist your followers and interact with them frequently.

It is possible to do this by establishing a Facebook Group, Slack community, Reddit Subreddit, Discord server, or a forum on your site.

This gives your viewers a place to ask for help and engage with other people as well; it gives you the opportunity to accomplish three things:

Find out more about your audience’s issues

Engage with them on a deeper personal level, and give them more feeling of connection for your business

The highlight of your brand, service, or products

Start Live Streaming

We are awestruck by the thrill of a live stream on our site at Exposure Ninja.

It’s a fantastic method to engage directly with the audience at the time of your event.

YouTube is actually classified as the second largest search engine worldwide People who use YouTube tend to do it to find out how to perform something…or to get information about a product that could aid them in their quest to to skip the learning phase completely.

If you already have blogs that are full of valuable information t, hen why not utilize the same ideas for live streaming?

You can utilize this online feedback you receive from your viewers to make improvements your content that your already provide, as well as to provide ideas for content.

Live streams are used to show our readers an idea of what they will get from our website reviews (although we’ll make sure to emphasize that they will not be broadcast live unless you request it). We also utilize them to hold presentations featuring different team members, who provide practical insight from their marketing expertise.

Here’s an example of our review live streams. It doesn’t need to be difficult, so be able to connect with your viewers.

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